October 1, 2019

The evolution of health IT is producing revolutionary advances as identity technology gets smart with artificial intelligence to improve cybersecurity, drive operational efficiency, and maintain regulatory compliance.

The Rippling Effects of Predictive Identity

As identity technology evolves to incorporate machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, National Health Service (NHS) trusts can now leverage vast amounts of identity and event data to gain advanced insights that suggest potential security gaps and risks. Moreover, they can now monitor the environment in real-time and anticipate how access should change. This greatly enhances the ability to securely and efficiently control digital identities and their access to all applications and data.

SailPoint Predictive Identity

Manage Identities Effectively
Securely govern access lifecycle of a diverse user population.
Simplify Complexities
Effectively govern around user identities with multiple personas.
Maintain Compliance
Establish audit trails and automate periodic reviews of access rights.
Improve User Experience
Govern consistently to all applications and optimise operational workflow
Enhance Audits
Gain historical view of how access has been accumulated over time for more complete auditability.
Create Hyper Efficiencies
Automate and enable self-service processes to reduce IT demand.
Mitigate Risk of Breach
Enforce consistent governance controls and simplify access delivery.
Reduce Fatigue
Leverage machine learning to make more efficient decisions in review processes and reduce certification/ approval fatigue.
Adapt to Change
Leverage machine learning to create access and risk models in real time.
Analyse and Visualise
Assess performance of your identity governance program by providing a “big data” platform and rich visualisation of data.
Rein in Data Files
Locate, classify, control and monitor access rights to data files.

An Intelligent Approach for Healthcare

access request

Reduce Security Risks

Leverage time-series analysis and machine learning to determine normal and anomalous access within the NHS trust.

drive efficiencies

Drive Efficiencies

Automate low-risk access approvals for all clinical and non-clinical users, streamline access certifications, and reduce false alerts of policy violations.

govern access

Govern Access

Rapidly highlight unusual access held by individualsand eliminate potential riskto the NHS trust.

Get Smart with SailPoint Predictive Identity

As NHS trusts onboard new applications and users, the task of governing information access becomes increasingly daunting. Through SailPoint’s innovative application of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, trusts can efficiently reduce security and compliance risk, while enhancing operational workflows for all users and data administrators.

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