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Delivering Dynamic Governance to Potentially High-Risk Users

Authored by: Eric Yuan, Vice President, Global Strategic Partners, SailPoint Detecting risk in an organization is harder than ever before. With a mostly virtual workforce accessing, creating, and storing company and customer confidential information both locally and in cloud storage solutions, the threat surface is more expansive than ever before. [...]



Three Key Takeaways From Edgile’s Recent Webinar “The Power Behind the SailPoint and Microsoft Partnership”

Authored by: Gretchen Wichmann, Managing Director at Edgile, Identity Practice Leader  Identity programs sit at the center of the modern security strategy. Developing the identity strategy and successfully running identity programs—not projects, but actual, robust programs—remains a top priority for many organizations. This leaves program execution an active assignment in today’s dynamic enterprise environment that includes a growing number of people, [...]



SailPoint and ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

The combination of SailPoint and ServiceNow improves employee experience and security through identity-centric service delivery. Read about the integration.



The Key for Success in Smart Manufacturing

An identity security platform can help manufacturers overcome modernization challenges, automate their supply chains and capitalize on the advantages of Industry 4.0.



Why You’re Managing Access to Your Cloud Infrastructure in a Silo

You often hear the word “silo” used to describe security processes. Still, originally it was used to describe a structure built to store and preserve bulk material such as harvested grains. Fast forward to the 21st century, and the bulk material within organizations is now digital data. Unfortunately, many of [...]



Why CISOs & CIOs Need to Rethink Their Approach to SaaS

See how companies shine a light on shadow IT and SaaS sprawl with a smart approach to SaaS Management to ensure security



Why Clients Choose Optiv and SailPoint

See why Optiv's Identity Security services are designed to address our unique challenges and elevate your identity program.



Run identity security from the cloud and let Optiv manage the operations for you

Regardless of your cuber maturity, Optiv's Identity Security services provide a full-featured identity program utilizing a subscription-based cloud model.



See Identity in a Whole New Light

SailPoint Identity Platform enables you to see identity in a new light by using policies to automatically manage and secure who gains access to your systems.



A Necessary Component of Cyber Strategy for the Smart Grid

In utilities, individuals who are authorized to access devices are facilities hold a lot of power. These people stand between the assets and the attackers.