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Rethink Identity Governance in Healthcare

In modern healthcare organizations, thousands of identities are hard at work—and not all of them are clinicians. From nutritionists to pharmacists, pastors to janitors, social workers to biomedical scientists, the number of non-doctor healthcare workers soared 3,200% between 1970 and 2009. These fields have proliferated so quickly that healthcare provider [...]


Identity Governance Addresses US Government Cybersecurity Frameworks

The impact of cybersecurity breaches is staggering – for example, in the 2016 Office of Management and Budget, Federal Information Security Act, Annual Report to Congress, federal agencies reported 30,899 information-security incidents, 16 of which met the threshold of being a major incident. With billions of identities and sensitive data [...]


Identity in a Zero Trust World

We have a concept at SailPoint: identity at the center of security. While that may appear self-gratifying, when one digs a little deeper, they’ll discover why it is accurate. Zero Trust has been the growing buzzword and theme for the last couple of years in security. At its core, it [...]


Balancing Zero Trust with a Strong AI-driven Identity Strategy

The impact of the latest cybersecurity breaches is staggering. With billions of identities and sensitive data compromised, it’s clear that traditional security doesn’t solve the problem. Here’s what the latest breaches show us: three out of 5 organizations expect to be breached. On average, it takes an average of 74 [...]


Why The Time Is Right To Take A Zero Trust Approach To Security

Zero trust is a regular topic of conversation for most CISO’s today. At its core, zero trust focuses on the principle of maintaining diligent access control for all users of network and systems resources. In itself, that sounds like nothing new, but with it comes a renewed focus understanding and [...]


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