The power of role-based access.

“If you can reduce the number of approvals that you need, the amount of manual provisioning that you’re having to do, and get to a much faster time to market, you’re going to do nothing but drive cost out of the equation.”

— Andy Weeks, Director of Identity and Access Management at Humana



Humana needed to better manage regulatory compliance and give their employees the tools to do their job more efficiently. Their top priority was to empower users to deliver on the business objectives while using an identity governance solution that offered them higher productivity, flexibility and ease of use.

The challenge

Humana wanted to simplify the process for requesting access and onboarding employees, empowering them to be successful in their jobs on day one. Their strategy was to transition millions of unique entitlements assigned to thousands of users to a role-based access environment.

The solution

  • Better manage regulatory compliance
  • Streamline operational processes
  • Create an exceptional customer experience
  • Move at the pace of the business

The results

Humana rolled out a phased approach to achieve role-based access control. Over the past four years, they have taken this program from a pilot, to developing role engineering and certification processes, to achieving 100% access profiles across their environment for 2,700 business roles and 55,000 users.

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