Over 1.8 million digital workers and 1,800+ applications secured.

“Only SailPoint’s identity platform could scale at the rate that our growing, global organization required.”

— Eric Schwab, Principle Technologist, GE


General Electric

GE is an American multinational conglomerate ranked 14th on the Forbes Global 2000 list. Legacy identity management solutions forced them to think carefully about the future of their identity program and the steps needed to maintain their commitment to governance.

The challenge

GE planned to retire their legacy identity tool, and was carefully considering the direction they wanted to take their program. They needed a solution that would enable innovation and scale at the rate they needed.

The solution

  • Consolidate the identity program for each business unit under one identity governance team
  • Ensure security and compliance while improving the employee user experience
  • Reduce costs from an audit perspective

The results

While the option to continue their partnership with a legacy identity management vendor would have cost nothing, GE put together a business case that showed SailPoint would provide more value and cost savings for the long-term program they envisioned. Over the past four years, GE has leveraged SailPoint to securely manage access for over 1.8 million employees and over 1,800 business applications, ensuring compliance, while improving the user experience.

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