What does it take to break into identity? In this Women in Identity talk, SailPoint’s Caroline Lawson gives her tips for building a career in identity.

Video Transcript

Caroline Lawson: Hi I’m Caroline, I’m a sales engineer here at SailPoint in the UK and I’m here today to discuss a question with you that I get asked a lot. Why aren’t there more women in IT security? Well I can’t speak for the other areas but we’ve certainly never seen as many women as we see in identity governance now. Every week I see ever encouraging numbers of fabulously experienced program leads, engineers, architects, business analyst. You know identity have been around a long time and women have really gravitated towards it. Um and why is that? I think it’s because it’s about people, the people and their behaviors, the accesses they have. I think it’s cause we’re not solving traditional technical problems, we’re dealing with those business challenges that is the, the biggest threat surface an enterprise has.

You know managing people, not just employees but contractors, third party, bots. It’s quite satisfying I think to have lots of process around that I think that appeals to women, certainly in the area of predictive, it’s just expanding and making those processes more efficient and better, getting much tighter accuracy and again I think that adds a natural layer of satisfaction for women. What advice would I give to a woman looking to break into specifically the field of identity sales engineering? There are certainly fewer of us there so I would say first of all you’re going to get a little bit famous by default, everyone’s going to know your name so you can manage your brand very carefully. What’s the first thing someone thinks of when they hear your name? Let it be that you really know your subject, that you’re a safe pair of hands to deal with the long meets, the requirements that people are asking of you. That you know whether it comes to your team, partners, customers that you are known for getting their job done. Be yourself, challenge yourself, this is not an industry that stands still but it’s a very rewarding one to work in and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough

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