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Secure and Enable Work From Anywhere

Secure your workforce wherever they are

Empower your workers with secure, compliant access to the resources they need, when they need them – anytime, anywhere.

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Keep your systems secure and workers productive

Global work-from-anywhere trends requires a new approach to identity security. As workers access systems and files remotely, this opens the door to security risks. Especially considering that among the top 3 issues of a remote workforce is unauthorized or excessive access privileges.1

SailPoint helps you quickly provision access according to policies you set. That means workers get immediate access to just the apps, systems and data they need to do their job. And with 24/7 self-service, they can request access to applications as needed and reset passwords – without having to call IT.

(1 DTEX Remote Workforce Security Report 2021)

  • Centrally manage access policies across any size organization.
  • Automate provisioning and deprovisioning of worker access wherever they are.
  • Empower users with 24/7 self-service access and password management. 
  • Ensure apps and data stored in the cloud are protected from unauthorized access.


Give workers the access they need to succeed

Streamline management

Manage access policies across your entire organization with just a few clicks.

Deliver just enough, timely access

As new users join or roles change, access is automatically granted, updated, and revoked.

Protect your cloud

Block cybercriminals from accessing apps and data stored in the cloud.

Improve provisioning efficiency

SailPoint lets you quickly provision access with effective automation. Workers can access only what they need, while IT has the confidence that policies are adhered to and bad actors are blocked.

Free your IT team

With 24/7 self-service, users can do many common IT tasks themselves—from resetting passwords to requesting access. IT no longer has to sweat the small stuff. Your help desk will thank you!

Drive automation

Onboard and offboard temporary workers automatically. Avoid excess permissions that can lead to security risk. Reduce the strain on IT by eliminating manual processes.

Customer Stories

Leading companies free their workforce with SailPoint

quote The identity organization has goals around zero trust, zero deficiencies and zero disruptions. As we strive to earn our customer’s trust for life, the best thing we can do is build a strong foundation and we are doing that with SailPoint.

Tray Wyman, Director, Identity & Access Management, General Motors


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Securing a “Work from Anywhere” Workforce

Learn why identity security is essential at helping secure worker access – wherever they may be – across all apps, data, and cloud platforms.

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Identity Management for Remote Workers

To keep your business productive, your workforce needs immediate, secure access to all essential tools and applications – anywhere, at any time.

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SailPoint’s Identity Security Cloud solution enables organizations to manage and secure real-time access to critical data and applications for every enterprise identity with an intelligent and unified approach, unlike other identity governance solutions on the market today.


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