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Simplify compliance with AI-driven identity security

Intelligently automate access controls and comply with certainty. SailPoint Identity Security streamlines compliance and makes you audit-ready. 

Transforming how organizations meet regulatory compliance

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Keep compliant in the face of ever-changing regulations

Organizations around the globe are confronting expanding regulatory compliance requirements. Escalating security and privacy concerns are having a worldwide impact. As security and privacy-related laws increase, adhering to complex, overlapping requirements can impact every part of your organization. 

Staying compliant is a constant effort. SailPoint identity security makes it easier to govern access, track usage, and enforce policies for all users, apps, and data to automate regulatory enforcement and demonstrate compliance.

  • Increase visibility and control of potential access risks.
  • Prove compliance quickly with automated reporting.
  • Reduce complexity and human error with consistent controls and policies.
  • Automate low-risk access organization-wide.
  • Comply with global regulations, including CCPA, FISMA, GDPR, HIPAA, PCPD, PDPA, POPI, PPC and SOX.


Remove human error from
compliance efforts


Make user access reviews fast, simple and accurate with AI-driven recommendations.


Maintain a full and current audit trail of accounts, entitlements, policies and actions.


Manage policies and privileges continuously and company-wide

Find and address compliance gaps

Address audit needs with ease. Discover audit deficiencies before auditors do. Perform routine compliance checks ensuring appropriate access across your organization.

Cure rubber-stamping headaches

Make access certifications clear and simple. AI driven recommendations help managers know if access is safe to maintain or should be revoked. No more guesswork!

Always be audit ready

Automate identity policies from first-day requests to last-day removals. Quickly provide auditors the essential user access details of who, what, when and why. Automatically record all access activity for easy reporting.

Customer Stories

Leading companies count on SailPoint for compliance

quote Our audit team went from 25 people spread out across the company, to 2. We consider the cost savings and increased efficiency that resulted from our partnership as huge wins for GE.

Principal Technologist at GE


Learn how SailPoint can help you maintain compliance

What is regulatory compliance?

Learn the basics of regulatory compliance and specific regulations from across the globe that may impact your business.

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Be secure. Be compliant. Why access management alone is not enough

Discover why your approach to security and compliance calls for more than just access management.

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Address the changing threat landscape with identity security

Understand how to reduce risk while addressing the needs of your workforce in a secure, compliant, and efficient manner.

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