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SailPoint Atlas

Intelligent. Streamlined. Powerful.

SailPoint Atlas is the Identity security platform an organization needs to grow and solve new identity challenges without the need to re-architect or re-engineer their solution, removing friction associated with identity management deployments.

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Accelerate your identity security transformation with confidence. Assess the maturity of your identity capabilities.


Enable User Access Without Compromising Security

Built on a foundation of AI and ML, SailPoint Atlas delivers the right level of access to the right identities and resources at the right time—matching the scale, velocity, and changing needs of today’s cloud-oriented, modern enterprise.

Unmatched Intelligence

Built-in artificial intelligence provides 360-degree visibility, insight, and remediation, so you can adapt and ensure the security of every identity’s access.

Frictionless Automation

Customizable workflows automate and streamline identity processes to better discover, manage and secure your user’s access. This frees your users to focus on innovation, collaboration, and productivity.

Comprehensive Integration

Seamlessly connect your entire ecosystem through thousands of integrations extending your ability to embed identity context across your hybrid environment and centrally manage and control access.

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SailPoint Identity Security Cloud

Start your identity security journey with tailored configurations built on SailPoint Atlas


Simplify your approach to Identity Security with all of the AI-based essentials in a single solution.

Business Plus

Take Identity Security to the next level with our most comprehensive AI-powered solution.

Common Services

It starts with a solid foundation

Data model

Extensible representation of all identities, applications, access, and policies used to power our AI and ML products.

Machine learning

Rich library of machine learning models to build, manage, maintain, & optimize your identity security.

Event-driven orchestration

Automate both simple and complex identity use cases with configurable inputs such as workflows and custom forms.

Personalized insights and reporting

Personalized dashboards, notifications, reporting, and action-oriented insights across your identity ecosystem.


Expansive library of trusted source connectors to integrate across top applications and resources.


Empowers customers to easily thread Identity Security across their entire ecosystem.

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SailPoint corporate brochure

Discover why SailPoint Identity Security is mission critical for modern enterprises today.

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At the core of identity security is unmatched intelligence, frictionless automation and comprehensive integration.

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