Top 10 CIO Priorities to Consider

Being a CIO is not an easy responsibility. There are countless challenges to overcome, especially as organizations continue to adopt new technologies and evolve their business capabilities. In addition to the digital transformation many enterprises are now undergoing, and the new security threats they face on a daily basis, determining the most critical priorities as a CIO is a daunting task.

No matter how you support your organization’s security and information system landscape, whether you’re a CIO or not, it’s important to know what will make-or-break the coming year.

SailPoint’s CIO, Kevin Hansel, has some thoughts on the key priorities that should be on a CIO’s top 10 list.

Tune into the webinar to get his views on:

  • Why CIOs must continually adapt to keep up with today’s business environment
  • Why IT needs to innovate faster than ever
  • How partnering with the CISO leads to success
  • How identity can enhance your security and risk management posture

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