SailPoint CEO Mark McClain talks about our company’s approach to navigating this time of uncertainty by tapping into SailPoint’s core values.

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Video Transcript

Mark McClain: Hi this is Mark McClain, CEO and founder of SailPoint, with one of our first Identity Talks a new series of web delivered talks that we’re doing in this time of people somewhat trapped in their homes and at their non-working offices, trying to get things done. And so we thought we would deliver some content that folks would hopefully find helpful. This one’s a little different. We’re going to give you some technical talks. This one’s a little bit about how we navigate through this really uncertain time you know, with a name like SailPoint, we do a lot of nautical metaphors.

And so this is certainly a period that most of us are navigating through unchartered waters. We’ve never been through something quite like this. Most of us in our careers or in our lives. And so I think every day we’re trying to figure out what should we do now based on what’s happening. I think in times of uncertainty and crisis, what you typically do as a person, as a family, and certainly as a business is to kind of hopefully revert back to your core values, what’s really important to you, what really matters. At SailPoint we’ve been articulating a set of core values from the very beginning.

And there are four I words. But let me focus on two of them today. One of them is I for individuals and that is valuing every person in our company and that extends to every person in our community. And so I think at this time, we want to always be focused on treating people with care and respect while things are very difficult and unfamiliar. And yet at the same time making sure we set the expectations of what we can all do to make progress and get better and get back to where we think we should be as a business or as a community, or as a country or as a world right now with this, with this challenging situation.

Another I would focus on until point is integrity and we always have to find that as delivering on commitments we make. I think in times of uncertainty, people are looking for people that will come through and do what they said they were going to do even if we have to modify that some, how we deliver the value we said we’re going to deliver. The commitment is still to stay true to what we’ve said, honor commitments of how we’re going to deliver solutions to customers and how we’re going to work with our partners to help customers succeed.

All of that can’t change at a time like this, it’s important to hold onto that value.You know, as we look at this time of navigating uncertain waters, it does remind me of the really early days when SailPoint was a very young startup that was, you know, figuring it out as we went and the whole idea being flexible and be agile and quickly responding. Hopefully we still got those values well engrained here and we’re reacting like everyone is to some really uncertain times so we’re hopefully, doing things that you’ll find helpful. We’re shifting to more virtual and remote capabilities but trying to deliver the same value that people expect so.

Virtual trainings, virtual user groups, more or seminars and webinars offered online so people can participate while they’re kind of stuck at home on their computer anyways, hopefully they can get some good content. So we’ll deliver more of those through those Identity Talks.

I think in summing it up. I think as we help our company and hopefully help our customers and our community navigate through this challenging time our focus remains on our core values and I would imagine you and your business are doing the same thing. What is it really is important to us?

What is it that we’re trying to deliver as a value to our customers. And so I would encourage you to kind of re-center on those values at this time.

In our case we will continue to do what we’ve always done. Which is to try and provide an excellent product that solves real, challenging problems for our customers.

And to provide them with a level of service that’s unparalleled, that says we care about your success as much as you and are with you on this journey to get you to the point you want to get to.So that’s our commitment, it hasn’t changed, we’ll continue to focus on that and hopefully these Identity Talks, other deep content around things we’re doing or what’s changing in the identity landscape. Hopefully they’ll be helpful to you.

So thank you for your attention. We wish you the best.Hopefully we all get through this, as well as we can and we look forward to seeing you face to face in person again in the near future. Thanks.

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