As enterprises continue to undergo a digital transformation and expand the scope of their identity governance programs to ever greater populations of users, across a multitude of on-premises and cloud-based applications, it is of utmost importance to employ an identity governance solution that is built to scale and highly flexible – while maintaining high-levels of performance. It is a balancing relationship that needs to occur so you can address both performance and scalability, without compromise.

However, organizations may face challenges in finding a solution designed to meet the performance and scalability requirements needed to support accelerated growth and expansion. An identity governance solution that does not meet the needs of the organization not only leaves a gap in your security initiatives, but it also does not serve its purpose of enabling your company’s growth and success. 

As a pioneer of identity governance, SailPoint understands this challenge and has architected its solutions to support the largest identity deployments in the world, including millions of identities, tens of thousands of applications and tens of millions of fine-grained entitlements. We’ve optimized our solutions to give you both scalability and performance.

The proof of our scalability is represented by customers who have entrusted their infrastructure and identity governance initiatives to SailPoint. Here are just a few examples of customers who have deployed our solutions at large scale:


  • A major insurance company with over 12 million identities, including internal users in various branch offices and external consumers
  • A Global 2000 insurance company with 715,000 identities and 2,000 applications

Technology / Manufacturing

  • A top technology and manufacturing conglomerate with 1.8 million identities, more than 17 million entitlements and 1,800+ applications
  • A multinational corporation and technology company with more than 1.7 million identities


  • A state health insurance exchange with over 1.3 million identities
  • A global leader in healthcare – with one of the largest Epic deployments to date – managing more than 4,000 applications and pulling identity information from six different authoritative sources for users who may have dozens of specific access rights based on their different roles
  • A leading information and technology-enabled health services business with 300,000 identities and 2,700 applications


  • A multinational financial services company and the largest bank in their country with 1.2 million identities and 3,000 applications
  • A Global 2000 multinational investment bank and financial services holding company managing over 800,000 identities and 2,300 applications
  • An international banking group on-boarded 5,700 applications, has 12,300 files shares and rolled out to 65,000 users in 75 countries with over 83,000 live entitlements.
  • A multinational investment company managing 65,000 identities and 210,000 applications
  • A Global 2000 multinational credit card company with 424 applications and over 1,000 provisioning requests a day

SailPoint’s customers are among the world’s largest companies in a wide range of industries, including: 

  • 7 of the top 15 banks
  • 4 of the top 6 health insurance and managed care providers
  • 9 of the top 15 property and casualty insurance providers
  • 5 of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies
  • 11 of the largest 15 U.S. federal agencies

Identity at Scale.  How We Do It. 

SailPoint invests in its infrastructure and expertise to emulate and test real world performance and scalability use cases. We do this in a dedicated performance lab with a team who has this mantra: “Trim the sail, polish the hull and pick the fastest course.” In other words, we test to verify performance, diagnose trouble areas, research issues, refine the product and then test again to ensure performance is optimized so organizations can get the most out of their investment.

SailPoint’s performance lab uses a reference data set as the basis for performance testing of its market-leading identity governance product, IdentityIQ. This reference data set is designed to emulate the data and structure of a very large-scale enterprise environment. For the most recent release of IdentityIQ, the performance data set contained data spread across four application and connector technologies:

  • A Human Resources Management System application named “HR” represented as a delimited file application, with 250,025 accounts 
  • JDBC Connector, with 238,754 accounts and 873,912 identity entitlements 
  • Active Directory, with 250,025 accounts and 374,180 identity entitlements 
  • OpenLDAP, with 250,025 accounts and 1,124,228 identity entitlements 

In addition, we have explored a number of dimensions of scale in our lab:

  • Large number of identities, with 2.5 million in that set 
  • Large numbers of entitlements, with millions of entitlements spread across 250,000 identities

What this means for large organizations is that when they invest in SailPoint’s IdentityIQ, they can be confident that it has gone through the rigor and testing needed to meet today’s modern identity governance needs.

Open and Extensible Technology

At SailPoint, we deliver an integrated set of products to address identity governance challenges for medium and large enterprises. This set of products supports the most important aspects of identity governance, including provisioning, access request, compliance controls, password management, identity governance for data stored in files and identity analytics.

SailPoint solutions are built upon an open identity platform that can connect and integrate with all of your applications on premises and in the cloud, as well as share rich identity context information with your existing IT and security investments. This enables you to extend identity throughout your entire organization, providing better visibility and control. Additionally, SailPoint partners with industry leaders across a spectrum of technologies that enable organizations to integrate their entire infrastructure into our platform so that breaches can be better identified, mitigated and contained, and operations can be streamlined. 

Our open identity platform enables our solutions to accommodate customers as they grow, expand and respond to security, regulatory and competitive challenges. We believe our open identity platform is a critical, foundational layer of a modern cybersecurity strategy that complements and builds upon traditional perimeter- and endpoint-centric security solutions, which on their own are increasingly insufficient to secure organizations, and their applications and data.

Our Strengths

Production-proven solutions.

This is represented by hundreds of customers worldwide, some of which have used our identity governance solutions for over 10 years. 

Built for enterprise scale. 

We govern millions of identities, billions of points of access and tens of thousands of applications.


SailPoint is the recognized market leader in identity governance, providing a unified suite of identity products and methodologies that can be deployed independently or as a platform to provide actionable solutions for complex operational, security and compliance issues.

SailPoint connector fabric.

We have a robust collection of over 100 proprietary, fine-grained connectors to various systems and applications, providing complete, bidirectional connectivity to 99% of on-premises and cloud applications within an organization.

Commitment to customer success.

SailPoint continues to demonstrate its commitment to customer success with a customer retention rate of 95%. We consistently achieve the highest levels of customer and project success by making customers a top company-wide focus. 

Investment in long-term customer satisfaction. 

This includes a Customer Success Management team that is with you for the lifetime of the project.

Strong eco-system.

We have invested in and sought out the most successful and knowledgeable partners in the identity market. Their coverage, relationships and delivery models in identity governance and security allow SailPoint and our customers to achieve unparalleled success.

  • For example, we collaborate with Microsoft and Okta by adding our identity governance capabilities to their access management services, delivering end-to-end identity solutions. 
  • Additionally, we have partnerships with global advisory firms such as Deloitte, KMPG and PwC; global system integrators such as Accenture and value-added resellers such as Optiv, IDMWorks and Column Technologies.

Choose Solutions with Confidence

When choosing an identity governance solution that best meets your needs, it’s always a good idea to talk with other organizations in your industry. SailPoint can put you in touch with customers who will share their experience with you. In addition, Gartner offers a peer review site where you can read unsolicited reviews from customers using our products. Reviews are rigorously vetted by Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company – no vendor bias or hidden agendas, just the real voices of enterprise users.

Here are just a few reviews from Gartner peer insights:

“I never liked vendor products, but this one is my only exception. Very well designed and written with incredible extensibility and flexibility.”

Transportation industry, 100,000+ licensed users 

“Identity IQ provides a one-stop shop for managing IAM data and services.” 
“Sailpoint has been very good to work with while our IAM program was maturing. Specifically, they were very willing to partner on enhancements that matter to our process, and made a difference across their client base.”  

Finance industry, 100,000+ licensed users

“Easy implementation with excellent support and good vision for future”
“Great team with a good vision. Know exactly where market is and where they want to be. Very responsive. Great support.” 

Finance industry, 50K – 99K licensed users 

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