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Video Transcript

Natalie Reina: Howdy viewers at home. I’m Natalie Reina with Identity Talks and today we are with SailPoint’s Vice President Lead Corporate Architect Matt Domsch and we’re going to break down the word innovation. We’re going to learn what innovation means for SailPoint and what it means for the industry at large. So Matt thank you so much for your time today. We are really looking forward to having this conversation with you. It is going to be a little bit more philosophical in nature which will be fun so I hope you are ready.

Matt Domsch: Oh absolutely. It’s going to be fun.

Natalie Reina: Great so the first question I have for you is, what does innovation mean to you and what does it mean for SailPoint?

Matt Domsch: So to me, innovation is all about solving problems be that, you know, new problems that no one’s seen before or even old problems that you are solving maybe in a new or novel way. And part of this you’re always using your, your cleverness your insight, and your practical experience to bring about a new solution. Innovation always starts from that aha moment, that inspiration that we all have and to me, that’s the genesis of all of this.

And that’s a lot, often the most fun. You have that aha moments, your subconscious finally aligns all the challenges that it’s been, you know, mixing in behind the scenes and brings a fully-fledged idea and solution to your conscious mind. And that’s, to me, the most fun part of the experience. But more important than that aha moment is the delivery, the follow through. Innovation doesn’t happen unless you’ve got both that inspiration and the follow through.

I think part of a SailPoint’s culture revolves around what we call the four I’s: innovation, integrity, impact and individuals. Our crew members all learn these their first day on the job and we revisit them often in our all hands meetings and presentations. Innovations obviously a key part of this, we define innovation here as developing creative solutions to real challenges. And to me, creativity is important but developing is the key, creativity is necessary, we all bring that to our roles, the creativity alone isn’t sufficient. We need that follow through to deliver value to our customers and that’s where the benefit is found. And that follow through doesn’t happen from just one person having one good idea, that’s from the whole team working together to deliver that.

Natalie Reina: Perfect, so what is the general approach that you take to inspiring these aha moments on your team?

Matt Domsch: Yeah, so our crew members have great ideas all the time. And oftentimes they’re a result of the conversations, they’re having with colleagues with our partners with our customers. They’re often presented with a new problem, something that requires a new approach or maybe a modified approach. These problems will then get raised, we’ll talk about them at product management meetings, we will debate the solutions, we will prioritize which ones we have time to take forward and what’s going to be the most impactful for our customers. And then we go off and tackle them. And to me, that virtuous cycle of seeing your idea, your approach help a customer really makes you more comfortable in presenting new ideas and bringing up new ideas and to your team and continuing that cycle of innovation.

Natalie Reina: I totally agree that’s a great answer. So speaking of innovation, since that’s the buzzword of today. What are some innovations that SailPoint is working on and how does that set us apart from our competitors?

Matt Domsch: Sure. So in the last few weeks, SailPoint has launched three new features based on our Predictive Identity Platform. We’ve launched the cloud access management tool. We’ve launched workload privilege management and our new AI powered role mining. These are exciting new capabilities that have taken us weeks and months and in some cases years to bring about. And each of these solve a whole new class of customer problems, bringing more visibility and governance to our cloud workloads and really reducing the amount of overhead that IT managers need to deliver into their respective compliance programs. So each of these three features I’ve just mentioned are built on patent pending innovations that our crew members have been developing for quite a while. And we’re really excited finally, to have a chance to get them in front of our customers.

Natalie Reina: Awesome. And finally, this is a little bit more personal in nature, but where does innovation strike you? Is it a good book, a movie, a podcast, your family? I’d love to hear where inspiration strikes.

Matt Domsch: Sure. Honestly, the most fun aspect of innovation is when I’m talking with customers and talking with partners and we’re just having a conversation and oftentimes folks aren’t even trying to present a problem, we’re looking for a solution, something we’re just having a really good conversation. And in the course of that maybe I’ll see a problem and approach a challenge that is hinted at, but folks just kind of take it for granted that it’s just the way things always are. But in the back of my mind I get going. I hear it. I start thinking about it and my subconscious starts working on it. I get woken up in the middle of the night, 5am, something triggers and like aha, now I understand what it was they were asking, and I can see the approach to it. Keep a notepad by my bed so I can write it down because if I don’t write it down I’m too worried I’m going to forget about it and I won’t be able to fall back asleep. That is the fun to me. Having those conversations and the inspiration tends to strike then.

Natalie Reina: Well, you’re inspiring me because I heard that’s a great way like if you’re tossing and turning, thinking about ideas, thinking about work that you keep a notepad at your nightstand. And then you write it down and it really helps you just like let it go. You have it written down, you can revisit it in the morning. So that’s a great tip for people at home is keep a notepad on your nightstand or write down these ideas.

Matt Domsch: Absolutely.

Natalie Reina: Matt thank you so much for your time today. It’s just really important for SailPoint to, kind of, you know, give information about what innovation means to us. So thank you so much for your time. It was very inspiring.

Matt Domsch: My pleasure. Thank you. Natalie.

Natalie Reina: This is identity talks. We’ll see you next time.

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