Organizations are under constant and increasing pressure to assure leadership, shareholders and auditors that their applications and resources are protected both from external as well as from internal attacks. Ensuring the right users are assigned the appropriate access is critical to mitigating this risk. On top of this, add all the existing and new data privacy and industry regulations that require stringent compliance along with the associated and dreaded audit.

Staying compliant requires a lot of effort to maintain. Especially when people are continually changing jobs, working on special projects or leave your organization. The ability to review who has access to what data and where potential regulated data resides, along with the ability to conduct required security audits and implement continuous controls has never been more important.

GDPR has been in effect since 25 May 2018. In that relatively short amount of time there have been over 160,000 data breaches requiring enforcement, and over $126 million in GDPR fines

The combination of SailPoint Predictive IdentityTM and Fastpath Assure® delivers a unified approach to securing identities and enabling compliance across all applications and data, including granular policy administration and access control monitoring for ERPs. This integrated, best in breed approach provides enhanced visibility and management of system entitlements.

Organizations can now gain a comprehensive view of their ERP system’s (such as SAP, Oracle, etc) access risk exposure. By enabling a policy-driven identity and access governance solution across their ERP application landscape, organizations can improve security and reduce risk, automate user provisioning and demonstrate compliance.

Together, SailPoint and Fastpath provide the access, security and governance automation and controls to confidently define, implement and enforce the end-to-end identity management necessary for today’s mobile, diverse, modern workforce.

Benefits of the combined solution:

Gain Centralized Visibility

  • Provide a single pane of glass for visibility and control across both SAP and non-SAP applications and data
  • Improve user provisioning with effective access risk management by automating identity processes that consume IT resources and budget
  • Always be in the know of who has and should have access to all the applications, systems, file shares, and cloud infrastructure found across your hybrid infrastructure

Enforce and Demonstrate Compliance Across Business, IT and Audit Teams:

  • Grant and maintain secure access based on established business policies and corporate regulations. This allows the ability to maintain an access audit trail of every identity in your organization, demonstrating compliance with confidence and ease
  • Provide detailed tracking of key configuration changes within Oracle and SAP applications, which can have significant impact on access and identity risk
  • Find audit deficiencies before you auditor does by easily performing routine compliance checks on one to many users; ensuring access is always compliant

Improve Security and Reduce Risk:

  • By leveraging authorization-based role composition and robust segregation-of-duties, SailPoint and Fastpath helps you identify and manage your access risk efficiently and effectively
  • Provide immediate risk analysis leveraging existing access rulesets and mitigating control assignment
  • Identify hidden risks of inappropriate or over privileged access using peer group models

Integrated Features and Use Cases:

  • Automatically identify what your system’s custom t-codes are doing and apply them to your rulesets
  • Leverage SAP transaction data to quantify the financial exposure of segregation of duties conflicts in your SAP environment
  • Provide detailed role design visibility to empower your organization to take action based on business-focused analytics to drive least necessary privilege across your application landscape

The combination of SailPoint Predictive IdentityTM and Fastpath Assure® solutions helps our mutual customers enforce and demonstrate compliance. By implementing access policies, you can be confident that the right people are accessing the right information for the right reasons. And it lets you quickly review and certify access for any user, at any time throughout their lifecycle.

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