Today’s modern enterprise organization must continuously evolve to remain competitive. This evolution, or digital transformation, creates opportunity, but also has security and compliance implications, that if not properly addressed, impacts every part of the organization, including the customer. As digital transformation continues to reshape today’s modern enterprise, it is vital that organizations keep focus on protecting and securing their data, no matter where it resides.

For as many benefits that this brings, there are also many associated challenges. As organizations bring on more and more cloud systems, while also maintaining legacy on-premises systems going back to the mainframes, IT struggles to keep pace. Adding to this burden, organizations must onboard and manage thousands of users to hundreds of these hybrid applications, and most importantly, certify that it is the right access, not just a cursory rubber stamp process of approval. On top of this, add all of the existing and new data privacy and industry regulations that require stringent compliance along with the associated and dreaded audit.

Organizations that are successfully navigating their digital transformation journey will need to focus their efforts on creating a secure foundation built upon a more intelligent and automated approach to identity. By creating a secure foundation built upon SailPoint Identity Platform, you can ensure every user has the right access needed to do their job. By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, SailPoint Identity Platform AI Services learn and adapt as your organization changes and provides recommendations to users so they can determine if access is safe to grant or not. And since it’s delivered from the cloud, there is zero maintenance and headache for IT to worry about.

The benefits go well beyond addressing risk and security by enabling your business to be more agile and competitive – this translates into real tangible business outcomes and ROI. Here are the four key ways that SailPoint Identity Platform puts you in control:

1 Make informed identity decisions

Your business and IT environment are continuously advancing but that also means more identity data, manual processes and decision making than ever before. Ensure your identity program stays up-to-date and even anticipates changes; helping you take a more proactive and informed approach to governing access.

  • Make smart access decisions with AI-driven recommendations that provides guidance on whether access is safe to grant
  • Quickly define and shape your identity program by modeling roles based on logical groupings of users and their access
  • Identify hidden risks of inappropriate or over privileged access using peer group models

2 Cut through the data noise

Today’s IT landscape is highly complex given the number and diversity of users, applications and data that organizations now must manage. Identity and business teams simply cannot keep up with manually analyzing identity data and patterns to understand whether the right users have access to the right systems and data throughout the organization. Through the use of AI and machine learning, organizations can visually analyze, control, and interpret all identity data.

  • Get a centralized view of who has and should have access to all the applications, systems, file shares, and cloud infrastructure across your hybrid infrastructure
  • Speed up forensic discovery with historical tracking of access changes made over time
  • Take the burden off IT by identifying repetitive, low-risk tasks that can be safely automated using intelligent recommendations

3 Adapt and stay ahead of compliance

Ensuring business is transacted in a compliant manner is crucial to the success of an organization. Implementing strong internal controls and being able to report against them helps ensure organizations stay compliant with industry regulations, such as SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, and GDPR. SailPoint enables enforcement of controls, the ability to demonstrate compliance to auditors and significantly saves time, efforts and cost.

  • Find audit deficiencies before your auditor does by easily performing routine compliance checks on one to many users; ensuring access is always compliant
  • Stop certification rubber-stamping with AI recommendations that help business managers know if it is safe to approve access or not
  • Nail audit inquiries by providing auditors the details of who, what, when and why when it comes to access throughout your organization

4 Proactively spot risky behavior and users

SailPoint Identity Platform extends deep throughout your IT infrastructure to collect and present you with informative insights that you can shape into new security policies. It does this by collecting and correlating rich identity data and usage activity that you can take action upon from easy-to-read dashboards. And, because it is always on, it monitors and provides a real-time view of user risk levels and helps you quickly spot anomalies that could pose a risk.

  • Quickly get a centralized view of who has and should have access to all the applications, systems, file shares, and cloud infrastructure found across your hybrid infrastructure
  • As workers change roles, ensure access is automatically adjusted/removed; eliminating excess permissions that could pose a potential threat
  • Mitigate security risk by analyzing peer group models to spot unusual or inappropriate access

Organizations can be better equipped to meet the evolving challenges faced by digital transformation. This provides them the ability to move faster, be more agile and better address the needs of its employees, partners and customers in a secure, compliant and efficient manner. SailPoint conquers your chaos and puts you back in control.

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