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SaaS Workflows: Re-think Automation with SailPoint Identity Security Cloud

Authored by Jerry Aubel, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Automation is an important key to a more efficient Identity Security program. One where you can concentrate more on execution and less on building manual processes. That’s why we are excited to talk to you about SailPoint Identity Security Cloud SaaS Workflows. SaaS Workflows can automate and orchestrate less definable and repetitive tasks in your identity security solution. While traditional solutions automate many definable tasks, SaaS Workflows can provide the flexibility to automate complex, multi-step approvals, notifications, conditional provisioning, and more. 

With a low-code workflow builder, non-technical staff can build, test, and deploy workflows to address a wide range of identity use cases. Users can choose from pre-configured templates and tailor them to meet their business needs, use the interactive drag-and-drop workflow builder to build processes from scratch or use a pre-existing workflow by uploading its JSON definition to meet a new use case.

Building and scaling an identity program doesn’t have to be slowed down by complex development and coding. By deploying SaaS Workflows in SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, you can apply automation for continuous improvement and deliver:

– Cost reduction and improved IT productivity

– Streamlined onboarding/offboarding experiences

– Automated outlier detection and remediation

– Integrations with other platforms like ITSM systems

– Automation of common, costly manual tasks

Let’s look at some newly announced identity security use cases where SaaS Workflows can simplify and strengthen the security of your identity program through integration workflows.

Identity Outlier Automation

Building integration workflows can put you on the road to autonomous IAM by leveraging the full suite of SailPoint products and external applications and automating tasks. Automating processes beyond traditional joiner-mover-leaver processes is the key to value realization, reduced risk, and improved ROI​ for SaaS Workflows. An example would be detecting identity outliers such as abnormal entitlements or unusual access history through SailPoint’s Access Insights and automating the appropriate remediation action. That action could be temporarily revoking access, kicking off a micro-certification, or an automated e-mail to the manager to further investigate the anomalous access – whatever action you choose to build into your workflow based on the level of risk. By responding to access risks when they happen, organizations can take a proactive approach to govern access without waiting for their following certification review.

Stronger Controls on SaaS Application Usage

Another common but powerful example of an integration workflow is with SailPoint SaaS Management which is part of the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Business Plus suite. By building a workflow that uses SaaS Management’s data, such as application usage, you can gain better controls by setting up a workflow to either validate access through a micro-certification or up to disable access to SaaS apps where users have not used the app in a specific timeframe, whether it is 30-60-90 days. This allows organizations to maintain tighter controls on the access of SaaS applications but can also help reduce costs around unused SaaS application licenses.

SaaS Workflows enable your organization to automate and solve an almost infinite number of identity security use cases. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and SailPoint Identity Security Cloud with SaaS workflow’s flexibility and usability, the future of autonomous IGA is unlimited.

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