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Saas Management

Shine a Light on Shadow IT

Uncover and mitigate SaaS access risks with the ability to see and control all of your SaaS applications with a single solution.

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Accelerate your identity security transformation with confidence. Assess the maturity of your identity capabilities.


Empower your teams to uncover SaaS access risk

Better govern your SaaS applications and know who has access, who should have access, and how that access is being used to bring shadow IT into the light.

Automate identification and deprovisioning to strengthen your security and compliance and eliminate time wasted on manual SaaS discovery and tracking.

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Organizations that will rely on SaaS apps to run their business by 2022


SaaS licenses that are underutilized



See and control your full SaaS footprint

SaaS Management identifies all your SaaS access points and delivers data about who is using them. With advanced automation and insight, you can confidently manage the furthest edges of your SaaS world.

  • Centralize and automate visibility of your entire SaaS environment.
  • Discover your entire SaaS footprint, including unauthorized or hidden applications.
  • Mitigate SaaS risk and improve compliance.
  • Access risk intelligence in real-time with continuous monitoring.
  • Automate time-consuming, error-prone manual SaaS tracking and audit management tasks.
  • Unlock full visibility into SaaS security, usage, and spend.

Use Cases

SaaS Management delivers business benefits

Gain financial and compliance advantages with better control of SaaS access and more proactive user oversight.

Reduce costs of unused applications

Unlock full visibility into SaaS spend and monitor usage in real-time to eliminate unused or unapproved access.

Strengthen security and compliance

Remove access to apps if someone isn’t logging in or has left the company with automated deprovisioning instead of waiting for certification review.


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