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Navigate 2022: Main Stage Sneak Peek

What is your role in cybersecurity? Maybe you’re an expert in identity security who stays on top of the latest trends, or maybe you’re new to space and need a bit of help navigating the vast ocean of enterprise security through the lens of identity. Whoever you are, SailPoint’s premier […]

Fundamentals of Access Certification and Compliance 

Authored by Jerry Aubel, Senior Product Manager “Audit time and the living is easy!” I suspect the thought of the following access certification review doesn’t have you whistling down the hall, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. User access certification is a critical process for any enterprise. Automating […]

Automate Identity Security with SailPoint’s Latest Product Update

Automation is key to scaling identity security. With so much data, there are not enough experts and resources to keep up with and keep track of every intertwining workstream and application that cross different identities. It has moved far beyond human capacity at this point. At SailPoint, automation is one […]

Welcome to the Core of Identity Security

Technology and identities are inseparable today. This inseparable connection lies at the heart of today’s modern enterprise. It drives digital transformation. It fuels business innovation. It enables the business to stay competitive. These connections are crucial to the success of the business and transformation efforts. They also represent a tremendous […]

Close Risky Security Gaps and Increase Efficiency with Identity Security Automation

It surprises me that in today’s digitally accelerated world, many organizations are still trying to manage and secure their identities with manual processes – using older means like spreadsheets, for example – which is nearly impossible. According to our recent survey, 55% of companies still rely on manual processes to […]

AI-driven Access Recommendations – Less Certification. More Revocation.

Authored by Tina Duong, Senior Product Manager As Dick Clark once said, “Music is the soundtrack of your life.” Music helps me sit through the horrendous rush hour traffic in Los Angeles. It pumps my friends and me up before a concert or, on my own, allows me to pretend […]

Navigate 2022, Identity Security: Uncompromised, To Kick Off in October

There is enormous potential among global enterprises today as their organization rapidly transform and evolve to take advantage of new business opportunities, emerging technologies, and entirely new ways of working.  And because of that, identity security has emerged as the talk of the enterprise security industry.  It has become THE […]

SailPoint Authorized as a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) 

As part of SailPoint’s ongoing commitment to the security of its products and services and to further promote transparency in the protection of its offerings, SailPoint has been authorized by the CVE Program as a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA), which enables SailPoint to assign CVEs to vulnerabilities identified in its […]

Women in Identity Security: Adeline Chew

From video game consoles to education platforms, Adeline Chew, Engineering Manager, has had an eventful journey to identity security. In this Women in Identity blog, Adeline details her path to cybersecurity and shares how becoming a manager has been the most significant learning moment for her. How did you come […]

The Ah-ha Moment in Identity Security for Healthcare

Authored by Matthew Radcliffe Historically and as early as three years ago, healthcare organizations may have thought having an identity security program was as simple as having single-sign-on (SSO). However, COVID shined a spotlight on a variety of process gaps across healthcare organizations when it came to managing the access […]