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Keurig Dr Pepper and Salesforce discuss transforming their businesses with identity security

Companies of all sizes are leveraging identity security capabilities in new ways to address more business challenges than ever before. To gain an on-the-ground perspective on how large companies are succeeding with identity and what they’re learning from their deployments, SailPoint CEO, Mark McClain sat down with Cody Warhurst, Director […]

Connecting through experiences with the SailPoint crew

Authored by Felisha Richardson, Manager, Threat Exposure Management At SailPoint, our people are everything. This is a place where everyone matters. We’ve built an environment of trust, acceptance, and shared respect that helps us do great things. That’s why we are always a company that will encourage our crew members […]

SailPoint 🤝 Customer Success

At SailPoint, we aren’t worried about making our customers happy. That sounds crazy, right? Let me explain. We aren’t worried about making our customers happy because we are so focused on making sure they are successful. When most people think of customer success, they think of customer sentiment; are my […]

7 Critical insights on identity security: A 2023 survey 

The ever-evolving digital landscape demands a shift in how companies approach identity security. This past fall, we surveyed more than 375 identity security decision-makers from companies globally. The findings? A treasure trove of insights to navigate today’s identity challenges. Here’s what we discovered:  1. The business case for identity security […]

Pillars of the NIS2 Directive: Recommended risk management measures 

Authored by Sebastien Lelarge, Sales Engineer The EU’s NIS2 came into effect in December 2022, with member states given until October 2024 to adopt the new regulation.   But what does this really mean?  It means that businesses must prioritize compliance to safeguard against cyber threats.   The original NIS Regulations apply […]

Streamline healthcare processes with better Non-Employee Risk Management

Authored by Michael Conti, Product Marketing Manager I recently had a chance to sit down with two of our customers in the healthcare industry to discuss the increasingly important challenges of managing non-employees within their organizations and how they’re solving that critical problem.  For most organizations, there’s no doubt that […]

Why you should migrate from IdentityIQ to SailPoint Identity Security Cloud  

 Authored by Chris Gossett, SVP, Technology Services  On-premises solutions can give you control of all your infrastructure and the power to customize your configurations. While powerful, on-premises solutions have their limits and can impact budgets, resource consumption, availability, scalability, and more. For example, organizations may struggle to find appropriate staff […]

SailPoint Identity Security Cloud: Most common questions

For many organizations, the cloud is the future. As applications, databases, and services shift to cloud platforms, it means security must also. Luckily, any organization already invested in SailPoint IdentityIQ on-premises identity management solutions has a head start. They can migrate almost seamlessly to SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, maintaining work […]

10 months later and 10 reasons to celebrate SailPoint’s Non-Employee Risk Management solution 

Authored by Michael Conti, Product Marketing Manager The ten months since SailPoint acquired SecZetta have flown by. As a SecZetta employee turned SailPoint crew member, I’ll never forget the day we were acquired…it was a whirlwind of exhilaration and the start of a thrilling new chapter. It’s been a remarkable […]

‘Tis (always) the season of giving at SailPoint

With the holiday season near, it’s natural to express gratitude by giving back to the community. But at SailPoint, giving back is woven into the fabric of our culture. We don’t just donate our time and resources when the holidays roll around – our crew finds ways to give back […]