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Identity Security, SpaceX, Ephemeral Entitlements, and Data

It’s a time-worn adage: “What goes up must come down.” This took on a new meaning this past winter. On February 3, 2022, SpaceX launched 49 Starlink satellites. A day later, they were hit by a geomagnetic storm. By February 8th, SpaceX reported that 40 of the original 49 would reenter the […]

Yapı Kredi Improves Performance & Efficiency Through Enhanced Identity Security

Yapı Kredi is the third-largest private bank in Turkey and has been experiencing fragmented identity processes. Because of this, they decided to review its identity and authorization infrastructure. In the past, Yapı Kredi had different teams operating in siloes. This inevitably stretched the organization and drove it to reorganize its […]

IdentityTV: Protecting Organisations Against Tomorrow’s Threats

In the last 18 months, market dynamics have accelerated a series of trends that have changed almost every aspect of today’s modern enterprise. If the pandemic taught us anything, enterprises must ensure business continuity – no matter what. Work from home became table stakes. Now, enterprises are starting to think […]

SailPoint Spotlight: Women in Cybersecurity

Authored by Stacy Lange March is Women’s History Month and a time to focus on all of the fantastic accomplishments women have made in the world. Cybersecurity has become a critical backbone for any organization, big or small. We must realize the essential role diversity plays in the cybersecurity workforce […]

Hot Jobs: SailPoint Professional Services

Over the past two years, people all over the world adjusted their priorities, needs, and values regarding work and the workplace, and droves of workers left their employers to better align personal and professional goals. Two years later, job seekers are flooding back to a market full of opportunities to […]

Women in Identity Security: Michelle Rascati

From physics and astronomy to AI and machine learning, Michelle Rascati, Senior Software Engineer, has had an eventful path to identity security. In this Women in Identity Security blog installment, Michelle details her way to AI and ML and how SailPoint’s culture has provided her with the tools she needs […]

The Core Components of Identity Security

Over the last few months, organizations have seen a shift in managing and securing identities, and it has moved well beyond human capacity. In order to do this effectively, organizations need artificial intelligence and machine learning at the core of their identity solution to automate the discovery, management, and control […]

One Year Later with SailPoint’s Idea-Sharing Portal

One year ago, we launched our global Ideas Portal, a place for the SailPoint community to share ideas, observations and even vote on product updates and modifications. We essentially created a product democracy, driven in part that it is always my, and SailPoint’s, No. 1 priority to listen to our […]

A Dose of AI and ML: What the Doctor Ordered for Modern Identity Security

Authored by Matthew Radcliffe There is no doubt that the past 18 months have caused significant challenges for healthcare organizations. The continuous transfer of clinical staff and onboarding of many contingent workers to meet critical patient care needs all while healthcare organizations face increased cybersecurity threats.   In parallel, the healthcare […]

Thoughts on Life & Work: Love

This post originally appeared from Mark McClain’s LinkedIn article series, Life & Work. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are solely owned by the author.  Early in my life, I was introduced to a list of characteristics that were penned by the ancient Saint Paul, a first-century contemporary […]