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Why Working from Home Opened a Cybersecurity Pandora’s Box

Working from home means different things to different people. Almost by all, it’s considered a privilege made possible by technology. For some, it’s considered to be a bit of a challenge (at times) if you also have family members working from home or children (in my case, a five-month-old puppy). […]

Kone Gives Security Program a Boost with SailPoint

Kone is a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry. Their legacy identity system had limited capabilities and they came to realize their identity program needed a rehaul. Kone set out looking for a solution that would enable the organization to meet their security standards and regulatory compliance needs. […]

You Can’t Get a Rain Check on Security

Before the pandemic, I shared a communal lunch table with a group of researchers and while making small talk, I asked how long they had been working on the drug they were discussing. There was a collective sigh and one of the researchers, who happened to be in her last […]

Defining and Prioritizing Competitive Digital Strategies Post-COVID

Reduce the technological deficit, accelerate the integration of the operational ecosystem, accelerate the distance versus competitors, expand the automation of the governance of digital identities and revalidate the value chain of business-critical suppliers. As we see the exit from the crisis tunnel and following the previous reflections on the winning […]

New York City Health + Hospitals on the Front Lines of Identity

SailPoint customer New York City Health + Hospitals is the largest public healthcare system in the United States. Being in the healthcare industry, they needed a solution that could automate the user lifecycle processes across their eleven hospitals and handle the large volume of access requests they receive. With SailPoint, […]

Three Questions with Sr. Manager, Professional Services, Katie Moses

Katie Moses started out her career working in hardware, doing circuit design for missile defence solutions. After moving to Austin she changed things up and began her career in the software industry as a technical consultant. One of her former colleagues, Andre Bosch, reached out to her and told her […]

Accenture’s Simon Gooch Shares Accenture’s look into Its Identity Management Transformation

Like many large enterprises, Accenture’s internal identity and access management efforts grew organically throughout the organization. For a long time, that certainly served the company well, but as businesses become increasingly digital it makes more sense to govern identity management centrally so that access is managed both strategically and consistently. […]

It’s About the Journey: Let SailPoint Be Your Identity Chauffeur

In the 1960s, the first autonomous vehicle known as the Stanford Cart launched. After a decade of experimentation, it made its official debut as an autonomous vehicle. The Stanford Cart became one of the earliest and longest-running experiments in self-driving car history. Why is this story important right now for […]

Election Security: The Observers

A new season of Mistaken Identity is here with a special focus on election security, voting systems, and their impact on democracy. We have a range of guests coming to explain the ins and outs of election observing, online voting, and the current state of election security both in the […]

How to Predict Identity Needs with LogMeIn

SailPoint customer LogMeIn is the creator of LastPass, a top password management solution. They also provide users the ability to manage and network remote devices. LogMeIn started on their identity journey two years ago, looking for a solution that would mitigate risk and increase compliance. Being a SaaS providing company, […]