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Automate Identity Security with SailPoint’s Latest Product Update

Automation is key to scaling identity security. With so much data, there are not enough experts and resources to keep up with and keep track of every intertwining workstream and application that cross different identities. It has moved far beyond human capacity at this point. At SailPoint, automation is one of the core pillars of our products. We aim to free up time so our customers can focus on the highest value of tasks—evaluating threats.    

To that end, today, we are announcing the release of SaaS Workflows. SaaS Workflows is the latest capability to be added to our next-generation identity security solution, SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, which you can learn more about here. We are also pleased to announce an early access preview of SailPoint Access Risk Management.

SaaS Workflows  

SaaS Workflows is a low code drag and drop workflow builder tool designed for customers to enable automation on a broad scale for large and complex environments. It is designed to automate identity processes that require additional logic, parsing, complex approvals, out-of-band requests, and more. 

This will take the manual intervention out of critical identity task management processes such as joiner/mover/leaver situations. The ROI for customers will be felt immediately with this release by reducing costs and driving productivity, and just as important, reducing business risk.  

In a customer scenario, when an employee changes roles within the organization, the privileges from the employee’s previous role can automatically depreciate during the transition. A new access certification can be initiated with their new manager seamlessly. The ability to revoke access and validate new access in a single process helps minimize exposure from the start.   

When it comes to a customer scenario where the employee leaves an organization, SaaS Workflows goes beyond just the access being removed. Automatic email notifications to the security team to handle a service desk ticket for out-of-band processes or applications can be triggered. The automation ability to notify external systems and teams with a single identity event eliminates manual processes and errors. 

These are just a couple of scenarios where SaaS Workflows can help organizations automate and improve their security posture. 

With SaaS Workflows in SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, organizations can: 

  • Securely manage identities faster than manual approaches
  • Simplify responding to employee transitions with automated access reviews and role adjustments
  • Keep pace with the growing digital ecosystems of identities, apps, and data

Saas Workflows is available today as part of the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud Business & Business Plus suites, allowing our customers to continue to accelerate their business goals through automation.  

Access Risk Management Update 

Automation is valuable because it keeps the wheels of business turning even in times of emergency, and our updates to our Access Risk Management product and Emergency Access Management (EAM) feature are designed to do just that.  

Today we are announcing an early access release of enhancements to Emergency Access Management (EAM) that will provide organizations with easier and expanded search functionality, faster navigation through an updated UI experience, a ‘restart step’ feature that allows admins to backtrack when something goes wrong, and an updated online reviewer dashboard to help requestors, approvers and reviewers stay in communication through the review process, with automated audit evidence capture and auditor-ready report preparation. 

With Emergency Access Management organizations can: 

  • Streamline audit prep and ensure compliance with detailed tracking and automated report preparation of all elevated request periods 
  • Pre-authorize critical support personnel for emergency access profiles to streamline the approval process while maintaining compliance around logging and review 
  • Approve requests on the go and automatically revoke elevated privileges once the access period is over 
  • Improve oversight and control for sensitive period-end-close activities  

Emergency Access Management is usually in response to a pressing business need, and our new and revamped version of this feature will ensure a continued high level of support for getting business done while simultaneously ensuring the highest level of control and compliance. 

Existing Access Risk Management customers should reach out to their Customer Success Manager to find out how they can start using these enhancements. 

Continue to follow the SailPoint blog and our social media channels for more updates to come to the SailPoint Identity Security Platform, where automation is king.