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Simplify your approach to Identity Security with all the AI-based essentials in a single solution.

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Take Identity Security to the next level with our most comprehensive AI-powered solution.

Access Requests & Approvals

Automatically grant or deny access to corporate applications or data with an easy-to-use self-service interface.

Automated Provisioning

Use our role-based Identity Security engine to provision, adjust, or remove access automatically.

Access Certifications

Quickly review and perform access certifications across all your applications and resources.


Detect and prevent conflicts of interest and potential fraud across applications using established policies.

Access Insights

Turn vast amounts of identity data into actionable insights so you can spot potential risks faster.


Use AI-driven insights to accelerate certification processes and make smarter access decisions in less time.

SaaS Workflows

Quickly build tailored, automated processes with easy-to-use, low-code workflow builder.

Access Modeling

Define new roles and continually monitor for role updates to enforce “least privileged” access.

Cloud Governance

Make faster, more informed IaaS access decisions, get entitlement visibility, and detect potential risks

Activity Insights

Information about usage patterns and activity trends for entitlements and SaaS applications


Take your identity security solution even further

The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud delivers the essentials for most organizations. SailPoint also offers add-ons for specific needs.

Non-Employee Risk Management

Execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle management strategies for non-employees

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Access Risk Management

Real-time access risk analysis and identification of potential risks

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Data Access Security

Enhanced governance and protection for critical unstructured data

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Password Management

Consistent, strong password policies across apps and sources

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Use Cases

The power of a singular solution

With SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, you have the clarity of knowing what components you need and the simplicity of procuring them together. It’s a less complex approach to ensuring a critical capability.

Embrace Zero Trust

Connect all your systems and teams with your IT and security apps to dynamically share and act on identity intelligence. It’s an AI-enabled, automated Zero Trust architecture.

Modernize your identity governance

Implement a solution that keeps up with your ever-growing population of identities and entitlements. Leverage AI and ML for built-in intelligence that can better secure your enterprise.

Empower and protect remote work

Take a thoughtful approach to Identity Security and make work from anywhere a secure reality for your organization. Maintain productivity while minimizing overall risk.

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SailPoint Identity Security in Action

Learn how the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud is made for the sophisticated needs of today’s modern enterprise, delivering an intelligent, autonomous identity foundation that securely fuels your business through a self-guided tour.

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SailPoint has connectors and integrations to hundreds of different applications and IT resources.

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Because Zero Trust relies on the identity of the user, securing identities and making sure access is appropriate all the time is critical. Learn how SailPoint enables Zero Trust.


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SailPoint Identity Security Cloud
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