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Non-Employee Risk Management

Solve your organization’s
non-employee identity security gap

Execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for your entire population of non-employees (contractors, contingent workers, partners, service accounts, etc.)


Automate your non-employee identity processes securely

The SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management solution enables organizations to execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for their entire population of non-employees.

Increase your operational efficiency while managing the complex relationships that your organization has with non-employees in an easy-to-use application that simultaneously helps facilitate commercial initiatives, supports regulatory compliance, and reduces third-party risk.

CIO/CISO/CTOs who believe there’s a lack of understanding across their business that non-employees are part of their cybersecurity posture.1


Businesses that have already suffered a data breach caused by a third party.2


Businesses that plan to maintain or increase use of third-party contractors.3


Average cost of a third-party breach.4



Identity security for your organization’s non-employees

Organizations today manage a wide range of identities beyond employees. Contractors, partners, seasonal workers, vendors, and even non-humans such as RPAs and services accounts make up a large percentage of a company’s workforce. Managing their identities and the access they receive is complex, and it’s important to bring all these critical identities under control.

The SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management solution extends advanced governance controls to all your non-employee users. By leveraging AI-Driven Identity Security, your organization can ensure that applications and data are secure by granting third-party access to only the right identities at the right time.

Relationship-based identity authority

Gain full visibility into every non-employee identity via a centralized repository of mastered identity data to accurately inform your access decisions. 

Easier collaboration & configurable workflows

Collaborate with both internal and external sources to coordinate lifecycle events for all non-employees, even for those with unique requirements.

Reduce your third-party risk

Execute risk-based identity and access lifecycle strategies to mitigate your risk of a third-party breach.


Take complete control of your non-employee identities

Gain visibility to what non-employees have access to in your organization, why they have access, and what they’re doing with that access.

  • View, identify, and track a non-employee’s relationship with your organization to determine why access is required.
  • Automate individual or large-scale identity verification into the lifecycle process to mitigate third-party risk.
  • Save costs by eliminating time-consuming processes with an easy-to-use tool using a drag-and-drop configuration.
  • Execute risk-based identity and access lifecycle strategies to mitigate risk of a third-party breach with Individual identity risk scoring.

Customer Stories

Strengthening non-human identity security

quote We eliminated two internal systems and activated an external portal where 30,000+ non-employees self-registered in the first six months after implementation. We were even able to smoothly and quickly onboard 3,000+ contingent workers when we acquired a new region. It’s been a huge win for us from every angle; time, effort, financial, privacy, and security.

Chrissy Booth, Identity & Access Management Manager, AdventHealth

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