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Non-Employee Risk Management

Solve your organization’s non-employee identity security gap

Execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for your entire population of non-employees (contractors, contingent workers, partners, vendors, etc.)

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Automate your non-employee identity processes securely

SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management enables your organization to execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for its entire population of third-party non-employees.

Increase your operational efficiency while managing the complex relationships that your organization has with non-employees in an easy-to-use solution that simultaneously helps facilitate commercial initiatives, supports regulatory compliance, and reduces third-party risk.

Organizations who say they aren’t effectively managing third-party risks.1


Organizations that have already suffered a security issue because of non-employees with inappropriate access rights2


Average cost of a third-party data breach.3


Organizations that require a manual process to remove access from a non-employee when the relationship ends.4



Identity security for your organization’s non-employees

Organizations today manage a wide range of identities beyond employees. Contractors, partners, seasonal workers, suppliers, vendors, and affiliates make up a large percentage of a company’s workforce. Managing their identities and the access they receive is complex, and it’s important to bring all these critical identities under control.

The SailPoint Non-Employee Risk Management solution extends advanced governance controls to all your non-employee users. Along with SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, your organization can ensure that applications and data are secure by granting third-party access to only the right identities at the right time.

Control non-employee identity access

Gain full visibility into every non-employee identity via a centralized repository of mastered identity data to accurately inform your access decisions. 

Easier collaboration & configurable workflows

Collaborate with both internal and external sources to coordinate lifecycle events for all non-employees, even for those with unique requirements.

Reduce your third-party risk

Execute risk-based identity and access lifecycle strategies to mitigate your risk of a third-party breach.


Take complete control of your non-employee identities

Gain visibility to what non-employees have access to in your organization, why they have access, and what they’re doing with that access.

  • Utilize collaboration portals to allow both internal and external users to collect identity data while onboarding a new non-employee.
  • Execute risk-based identity and access lifecycle strategies for non-employees to mitigate risk of a third-party breach.
  • Maintain a single identity for a non-employee, even when their relationship with your organization changes.
  • Save costs by eliminating time-consuming processes with an easy-to-use, schema-less tool that matches your business processes.

Use Cases

Strengthen security & eliminate inefficient processes

Extend advanced identity security controls so you have the same visibility with non-employees as you do employees

Improve non-employee onboarding experience

Utilize collaboration portals accessible by both internal and external parties, as well as flexible workflows and customizable forms that follow your business processes.

Demonstrate compliance with ease

Documents the entire non-employee lifecycle and ensures they accept your organization’s NDA and acceptable use policies before access is granted.

Provide fast and secure access to non-employees

Automate provisioning to ensure non-employee productivity on day one while reducing shared, over-provisioned, and orphaned account access.

SailPoint Identity Security Cloud

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Customer Stories

Strengthening non-human identity security

quote We eliminated two internal systems and activated an external portal where 30,000+ non-employees self-registered in the first six months after implementation. We were even able to smoothly and quickly onboard 3,000+ contingent workers when we acquired a new region. It’s been a huge win for us from every angle; time, effort, financial, privacy, and security.

Chrissy Booth, Identity & Access Management Manager, AdventHealth


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A leading challenge for organizations that utilize non-employee is managing the secure access of these third-party identities.

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