Cloud Security and Identity

Enterprises are increasingly moving critical business applications to the cloud. Many organizations now take a cloud-first strategy for all applications, while others selectively move to the cloud. Gartner predicts 90% of organizations will have a hybrid IT environment by 2020. And currently, it’s common for companies to have hundreds of SaaS applications.

However, the inevitable move to the cloud comes with risk. Because cloud applications are often easy to obtain, almost anyone can buy or download software. This practice can cause issues with shadow IT, where employees are procuring applications without IT oversight or approval.

Also, with increased interconnectivity and advanced technology, it’s no longer necessary for employees to be in the same physical space – or on the same type of hardware – to collaborate. Many enterprises now have a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy, reinforcing the need for business applications to be accessible anywhere, anytime and from any device. Moreover, in addition to employees, business users may now also include contractors, partners, suppliers, board members and customers around the world. According to SailPoint’s 2017 Market Pulse Survey, most enterprises are aware with these risks:

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Identity Powers the Cloud

The changes that come with embracing a cloud environment can cause a lack of visibility. Many enterprises have no clear view of who within an organization is employing technologies like shadow IT to access sensitive corporate applications, files and systems. The inability to see who has access to what across the organization creates a large security gap for enterprises today.

However, regardless of where an application exists, or how a user accesses it, identity is the common thread. That’s why successfully managing the adoption of SaaS applications – and securely migrating to a cloud enterprise – requires identity governance.

Identity is what powers the cloud and enables organizations to securely migrate to a cloud enterprise while still having full visibility to identity information across the IT infrastructure. Identity solutions govern who has access to applications, systems and data – regardless of where they’re deployed – and empower users to work wherever they are and on whatever device they want to use.

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Cloud-first Companies Move Security to the Cloud

Cloud is transforming the way we work. And today’s enterprise is becoming a cloud enterprise. As companies become more comfortable with moving strategic and mission-critical applications into the cloud, it can feel overwhelming to consider using larger and more complex solutions – such as identity – as a service (SaaS). Even as enterprises rush toward the cloud, they often “don’t mess around with identity” because they believe they lack the budget, time or skilled identity resources required to implement such a technology. But that’s no longer an inhibitor to implementing identity management. Learn more about identity-as-a-service and why cloud-based identity governance is critical to security.

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Cloud-based identity governance offers the same security, compliance and automation delivered by enterprise-class identity solutions, coupled with a lower total cost of ownership and faster deployment. Put simply, identity provides the power to make the cloud enterprise secure. Organizations must effectively address today’s complex business challenges.


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