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Automate Onboarding and Offboarding

Empower workers with the right access from Day 1

Seamlessly grant, modify or revoke access as users join, change roles or leave your organization.

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Automate access, minimize risk

In business today, change is constant. As workers join and leave companies with greater frequency, streamlining onboarding and offboarding becomes more important. Manual processes open the door to unnecessary workloads and human error that can result in significant risk and lost productivity.

With SailPoint, automation makes it easy to quickly grant, modify or revoke access. Improve your compliance, boost productivity and reduce costs by streamlining processes. .

  • Automate and accelerate day one productivity for new hires
  • Prevent human error while increasing worker and IT efficiency
  • Reduce risk of over-provisioning or back door access by former employees
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Save IT time and resources


Make managing access more efficient

Simplify provisioning

Avoid excess permissions by automatically adjusting user access as change happens.

Validate access

Enable audit, reporting and metrics to ensure you meet compliance requirements.

Optimize efficiency

Automate worker access and better utilize the hours by removing manual processes.

Give teams what they need

Empower your secure, work-from-anywhere workforce with efficient access to all essential applications, systems and data. Provision based on policies and make the process seamless.

Ensure separation of duties

Role-based provisioning policies ensure that workers’ core access stay within their job description. Access privileges are aligned with organizational hierarchies.

Manage worker accounts

Reduce risk by ensuring former workers do not have access to resources and current workers have only what they need.

Customer Stories

Leverage SailPoint to Drive Real Business Results

quote If you can reduce the number of approvals that you need, the amount of manual provisioning that you’re having to do, and get to a much faster time to market, you’re going to do nothing but drive cost out of the equation.

Andy Weeks, Director of Identity and Access Management at Humana


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