Artificial intelligence is commonplace in cybersecurity, and for good reason. With the escalation of threats, it’s more challenging for traditional solutions and humans to keep up. AI offers numerous advantages, from automation to improved efficiency — serving as a force multiplier for cybersecurity efforts.

For the modern enterprise, manual identity governance isn’t a secure, scalable solution. Learn about artificial intelligence-driven identity security.

Why Incorporate Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity requirements are changing for organizations. Manual processes for threat monitoring, incident response, and other functions are no longer effective in today’s environment.

For example, when analysts have to sift through large amounts of security data, there’s a gray area when attempting to definitively state which elements are threats and which are not. Artificial intelligence helps minimize human error, eliminate manual processes, and accelerate threat response.

Artificial Intelligence Is Always Learning

Through machine learning, AI constantly learns new ways attackers are attempting to access an organization’s internal operations. By analyzing historic data and patterns, for instance, machine learning algorithms can provide better solutions and even predict outcomes. AI also learns continuously from the newly collected data and applies statistical analysis to combat attacks more effectively. 

Artificial Intelligence Discovers Threats Earlier

Threat detection is significantly accelerated under artificial intelligence’s domain because AI can detect patterns and anomalies that are not visible to the human eye. In cybersecurity, fast detection and response is critical—the faster the enterprise can identify a threat and mitigate it, the lower the potential for damage and higher the likelihood of preventing an attack. Identifying a potential threat before it becomes a problem can save the organization time, money, and resources. 

Artificial Intelligence Automates Tasks

Automation is one of the biggest advantages of cybersecurity. Many daily security tasks are tedious and repetitive, resulting in analyst burnout, especially when the proliferation of security tools creates issues like alert fatigue. 

Additionally, manual processes are prone to error and slow down incident response. Artificial intelligence helps automate various tasks so the security team can focus on more important projects and strategic initiatives rather than analyzing every single piece of information. 

Choose AI-Based Solutions for Better Cybersecurity

SailPoint’s AI-driven identity security solutions provide visibility and insights that help enterprises understand their cybersecurity risks and better protect the organization. A variety of tasks can be automated to optimize processes.

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