March 18, 2019

It doesn’t require a team of IT experts and a large budget to improve the students’ information access experience while creating a more secure environment for users. Cloud-based identity helps higher education institutions challenged with limited financial and operational resources to effectively govern who has and should have access to what, and how that access is used.

Why Cloud-Based Identity?

Constrained by limited financial and personnel resources, educational institutions can leverage cloud-based identity to cost effectively improve user experience while securing student, financial, and proprietary information.

A cloud-based identity platform enables educational institutions to do the following:

  • Improve user experience through self-service password reset for students, faculty, staff and others.
  • Drive efficiencies by automating delivery and removal of access rights.
  • Inhibit data breaches by monitoring access behavior.
  • Reduce audit risks by proving compliance to auditors.

Beyond these business benefits, deploying identity governance from the cloud can deliver other significant value including:

  • Reduce need for inhouse expertise
  • Decrease capital expenditure
  • Rapidly Deploy Identity Programs
  • Slash lead time for upgrades
  • Configure for unique use cases

Deploying Cloud-Based Identity with SailPoint

While there are common use cases for identity governance in higher education, each education institution typically has additional, unique requirements. That’s why SailPoint offers flexible cloud deployment options to deliver an effective solution that addresses the specific needs of each educational institution.

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