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SailPoint application onboarding: AI-powered lifecycle management for enterprise applications 

SailPoint application onboarding: AI-powered lifecycle management for enterprise applications
The first step to identity security success is securing access to the applications enterprises use every day. The sooner enterprises can identify ungoverned applications and implement right time-right access controls for each identity, the sooner they can realize value from important identity security initiatives.

That sounds great in theory, but onboarding applications in real life is mostly manual and takes a long time to accomplish. Imagine securing access to Microsoft Entra, SAP, or ServiceNow for hundreds of internal users and matching an identity’s access to a particular application. And to make it more challenging, most application owners understand the applications, but not how to govern access to them. All of this requires time and expertise, and that can stall an identity security program before it gets off the ground.

Introducing SailPoint® application onboarding
We want our customers to spend less time trying to discover and configure ungoverned applications and more time reaping the benefits of identity security. Enter SailPoint application onboarding – an AI-powered approach to help organizations efficiently manage the entire enterprise application lifecycle.

This new capability for SailPoint Identity Security Cloud is a direct response to customer requirements for the rapid extension of their identity security program to hundreds or thousands of applications, all powered by Identity Security Cloud.

SailPoint application onboarding leverages AI to accelerate and scale the process of onboarding customer applications, enabling customers to extend visibility and control over identity and access across their vast application landscape to easily discover and connect, configure, and manage access to any enterprise application.

Organizations can:

  • Discover ungoverned applications using existing SSO systems like Okta, a configuration management database (CMDB) or similar system
  • ​Leverage AI-driven recommendations to select and deploy the most effective connector or integration to fulfill access security needs for each application
  • Get a guided and assisted application onboarding experience that uses AI-based recommendations​ to speed discovery, connect sources and suggest configuration options
  • Solve the complex and time-consuming challenges of correlation mapping and configuration ​
  • Confirm whether application accounts are manageable via AI recommendations and test and verify correlations before provisioning

The value of AI-powered application onboarding
The value these new capabilities bring to our customers is about quickly governing and securing access for every identity and across any IT environment with a unified identity security platform that helps meet compliance requirements, knock out zero trust goals, and quickly realize value.

SailPoint application onboarding delivers on this promise, helping our customers: 

  • Reduce overall setup complexity for application connectivity​
  • Lessen costly trial and error, particularly for the account correlation process
  • Reduce onboarding time and labor, typically from weeks to hours and even days​
  • Achieve better security outcomes via AI-driven recommendations​

SailPoint application onboarding is available now for Identity Security Cloud Business and Business Plus customers.

On the horizon: More efficient application onboarding in less time
We’re excited to introduce this new capability to our customers. But our commitment to helping enterprises experience further value and quickly apply identity security to the applications they use every day doesn’t stop there.

Identity security demands constant innovation to keep up with threats and meet customer expectations, and our multi-tenant SaaS platform helps us deliver quickly. As the SailPoint® application onboarding capability matures and adds new functionality, organizations will be able to:

  • Discover ungoverned applications via privileged access management (PAM), cloud access security broker (CASB), SSO and other applications
  • Delegate specialized onboarding decisions from administrators to application owners and subject matter experts, such as with complex enterprise SAP practices, for example
  • Connect to applications that do not have an existing integration via readily available frameworks and sophisticated AI recommendations
  • Take advantage of advanced AI functionality in other critical onboarding processes for even better efficiency and productivity—such as creating account policies—and continue to reduce the time it takes to apply identity security to applications
  • Consult AI recommendations to understand which applications pose the most critical risk if not brought under governance, including risk ratings and AI-driven onboarding sequence recommendations

Learn more 
SailPoint application onboarding is part of SailPoint Connectivity— a key component of the SailPoint Atlas platform and the cornerstone of SailPoint’s extensibility strategy. Our comprehensive, actionable portfolio for any IT environment supports customer connectivity needs for more than 1,100 unique enterprise applications and more than 20,000 custom applications to deliver deep access governance in minutes for a clear view of access across the organization. 

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