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  2. Application onboarding

Application onboarding

AI-powered application onboarding

Easily apply core identity security functions to enterprise apps and accelerate time-to-value.


Accelerate time-to-value

Adding core identity security functionality to business applications is critical. But it’s time-consuming and expensive —especially for enterprises that need to control access to hundreds of applications. SailPoint® application onboarding:

  • Reduce overall setup complexity for application connectivity​
  • Eliminate costly trial and error, particularly for the account correlation process
  • Reduce onboarding time and labor from weeks to hours, and even days​
  • Achieve better security outcomes via AI-driven recommendations​. 


Find ungoverned apps & correlate accounts

Discover ungoverned apps

  • Use existing SSO systems like Okta, configuration management databases, or similar systems to find ungoverned apps
  • Continuously identify high-value apps and automate identification & prioritization of newly deployed apps
  • Get AI-driven recommendations to select and deploy the most effective connector or integration

Correlate accounts

  • Get AI recommendations to map accounts to identities
  • Test and verify correlation rules before deploying configurations
  • Delivers ongoing recommendations to further improve correlation outcomes

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