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Mistaken Identity Today: Cookies, Privacy and the Olympics

Extra, extra hear all about it! The Mistaken Identity podcast is back in action, and today we are introducing a new weekly series ironically named Mistaken Identity Today that will bring you the juiciest news in cybersecurity. Fear not, as we will still keep bringing you great conversations with the […]

Using risk to align IAM with business objectives

Why alignment matters It is easy to see how an IAM initiative relates to your organization’s process, data and technology needs. However, the connection between your IAM program’s direction and your organization’s overarching business objectives can be more difficult to spot. Don’t let that fool you — aligning IAM and […]

Why Cyber Criminals Are Going Back to School

Have you given a thought to your children’s data? If you had a ‘huh?’ moment, hear me out. With so much concern about protecting our identities and personal information, one of the biggest oversights I have found during my time working in the security industry is protecting our children’s school […]

Addressing Identity Governance In the Land Down Under

I recently sat down with the CISO of one of our Australian customers for a deeper look into the successful identity program he championed. Here is an edited version of our conversation. What were the business drivers for your identity program? We were looking to develop a sophisticated identity governance […]

How to Manage Your Password like a CISO

Over the past decade, we have done the absolute most when it comes to passwords.We have written love letters,  pontificated on strategies, and even offered tips on how to teach your mother the tricks of the trade. And it makes sense that we have done so much when it comes to our numeric and […]

Silicon Valley Bank Innovates Identity

Silicon Valley Bank opened its first office in 1983, just before Silicon Valley became a household name. As a subsidiary of SVB Financial Group, Silicon Valley Bank focuses on high tech clients and has provided funding to more than 30,000 start-ups since its founding. With more than $51 billion in […]

Leading A Business When Privacy Is (Almost) Dead

Privacy is almost dead. And truth be told, it’s by our own doing. Thanks to the “selfie culture” that exists today, our privacy appears to be headed for six feet under. The modern lifestyle is rife with oversharing of every single detail of our days, and this isn’t just a […]

Bon Voyage 2019!

2019 has been a busy year here at SailPoint. We are gearing up for 2020 but wanted to take some time and reflect on what we have accomplished this year – from the launch of SailPoint Predictive IdentityTM to traveling around the world sharing the power of identity. Join us […]

Identity Deep Dive with Shawn Lawson, Head of IT at Silicon Valley Bank

Shawn Lawson, head of IT at Silicon Valley Bank, has led a fascinating career in enterprise technology, including systems administration, networking, cyber security, and project management. His interest in information security began just before the big rise in eCommerce and before most of today’s industry and government data regulations. That’s […]

LogMeIn Live from Gartner IAM: IGA Redefined with AI

The Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit in Las Vegas was bustling this week bringing identity professionals from all over the world to the desert to talk about the latest and greatest in the industry. Among the experts roaming the halls was Kayla Williams, Director of Governance, Risk and Compliance […]

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