April 4, 2019

Apply Identity to Efficiently Meet NIST Cybersecurity Framework

How confident are you in your security and compliance programs?

Falling short of complete compliance with the myriad of security and privacy regulations can result in significant consequences, and failing to implement the right security controls, in the right place, and in the right way, creates risk.

To efficiently and effectively maintain compliance and manage risk, both government agencies and commercial enterprises are increasingly looking to NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework to provide the necessary guidance. One of the critical elements for aligning with NIST is the use of identity governance platforms to govern access to sensitive information.

Find out how government agencies and commercial enterprises can apply this technology to streamline their compliance initiatives, while reducing the cost and effort associated with aligning to the NIST Framework.

In this webinar presentation, you can expect the following takeaways:

  • Better understand the NIST Cybersecurity Framework approach to security and compliance
  • Learn why aligning with NIST’s Framework increases operational efficiency and efficacy
  • Discover how identity addresses 3 dozen critical subcategories in the NIST Framework

Find out how SailPoint can help your organization.

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