Identity Governance Priorities for CIOs

Chief information officers have become more critical to the success of enterprises than ever before. As companies continue to globalize and compete in new markets, they also face stiffer competition from startups. To fight on all fronts, enterprises are digitally transforming themselves by turning as many manual and antiquated business processes and services into software services.

To drive efficiencies, companies should automate processes and rapidly deliver new services to customers. To that end, internal IT teams are breaking down long-standing barriers between developers, operations teams and the business so the enterprise can quickly deliver more value.


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The Benefits of Identity Governance

Technology has been quickly evolving the face and shape of every organization by changing how business is done. It is creating new opportunities for organizations to connect with customers and partners, while becoming more agile and competitive. IDC estimates 40 percent of all technology spending will go toward digital transformations, with enterprises spending in excess of $2 trillion in 2019.

But digital transformation means different things to different enterprises. It can include an increase in types of users, cloud-first initiatives or simply an explosion of data. Business are becoming more complex every day, and unfortunately, hackers are taking advantage of that by targeting digital identities. And as a result, data breaches are growing. According to the Risk Based Security 2017 Report, 7.9 billion records were exposed in 2017 – spanning virtually every industry – stemming from hundreds of incidents.

Organizations need to efficiently manage their complex IT ecosystem in the midst of their digital transformation, securely and confidently. Identity governance enables and secures digital identities for all users, applications and data. Today’s identity governance solutions provide an integrated set of services that ensure the right access controls are in place to keep organizations secure and compliant, while enabling users to conveniently manage their daily access needs.

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Identity is a Top Objective for CIOs

Most every priority CIOs face today requires an effective identity governance program. According to a PiperJaffray report, security is the top spending priority for CIOs, and most plan to increase spending on both security and identity solutions over the next year.

Where do CIOs plan to increase spending?
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Knowing the role identity governance plays in a digital transformation is imperative, and many CIOs already understand the benefits it has in enabling and empowering their organization. Having an identity governance in place allows enterprises to securely and confidently govern user access to applications and data, while staying compliant amidst mounting regulations.

Here are what some top leaders have mentioned to SailPoint:
  • We are very much cloud driven. We’re a lean IT organization that’s very focused on the value add technology can bring, not on having to manage servers and having lots of technical stuff for the sake of technical stuff.”

    Paul de Graaff, Head of Security & Compliance, Weight Watchers

  • We believe that having visibility into user access is important, but perhaps even more important is the ability to turn that visibility into insights about high-risk users, access, and/or behaviors. Such insights allow us to focus our controls on the riskiest and most likely scenarios to be abused by external attackers or rogue insiders.”

    Andrew Linn, SVP, Chief Corporate Technology Officer, Orrstown Financial Services Inc.

  • Reputational compromise, financial implications and productivity loss are the major areas of damage a security breach can cause. Preparing my organization for the changing IT landscape and the potential havoc of a breach is my top priority.”

    CISO, Fortune 200 company

With these priorities in mind, a new approach is required. CIOs need a strategy that puts identity at the center. With a comprehensive identity governance program in place, CIOs are better positioned to provide the speed and agility the business needs, meet security threats and respond to data breaches, and achieve regulatory compliance – all while making certain only the right people have the proper access to the correct information. And they can do so at speed necessary to succeed as their digital transformation efforts and business priorities demand.

Putting identity at the center of security and IT operations will help all chief executives be better prepared for the challenges tomorrow will undoubtedly bring. An enterprise’s C-suite has become a greater target for hackers. As executives continue to protect and maintain company goals with the help of identity governance, it’s important to arm your C-suite with best practices for staying out of a hacker’s reach.

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Identity Gives CIOs the Power to Say “Yes”

Through the power of identity, CIOs can confidently address cybersecurity threats and keep the focus on enabling and empowering the organization. Enable your users to do their job freely, and boost productivity while confidently adopting new technologies.

Rethink Your Perimeter

Know who has access to your enterprise’s systems inside and out instead of merely putting up walls.

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Empower Your Users

Let your users work how and where they like, accessing only what they need – all while being secure.

Grow Your Business

Feel secure enough with your apps & data to scale your business and enter new markets.

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