Build & maintain roles with the right access — continuously  

Empowering your users with the right tools is critical to your success. That’s why you need a smarter way to create & maintain roles with access to the correct applications and data.

SailPoint Access Modeling is the answer. It utilizes patented machine learning to suggest roles based on similar access between users and gives you insights to continually model and adapt access to support the scale and dynamic nature of changing identities.

Whether you’re new to identity or want to take your identity program to the next level, our AI-based access modeling removes manual processes to help you create & adapt roles that align with the evolving needs of your business.

  • Build roles faster and easier
  • Continuously maintain roles
  • Optimize your role program

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How does access modeling work?

Depending on your security program needs, start your role program to address high-turnover areas or to secure sensitive application access. From there, Access Modeling defines new roles to be adopted and continually monitors for updates to existing roles within the access model to help enforce the principle of ‘least privileged’ access.

SailPoint Access Modeling provides:

AI and machine learning

Analyzes your current user access to identify similar access groupings and suggest potential roles and maintain roles as your business evolves.

Increased visibility

See who has access across all job roles, locations, departments and applications.

Step-by-step guidance

Use an AI-guided process to review, refine, and maintain roles.

Quickstart approach

Quickly develop & evaluate your identity program using AI suggested roles.

Simplify your role creation & maintenance with AI.

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