Did you know that despite data breaches making headlines every day, employees’ cybersecurity habits are not improving – and in many cases, are getting worse? SailPoint’s 10th Annual Market Pulse Survey discovered that employees’ bad habits are creating undue risk for their organizations. And with the digital transformation introducing new technologies and expanding the threat landscape, enterprises can’t afford to be lax about their security.

An identity-centric approach to security can help global enterprises address the challenges highlighted in this year’s Market Pulse Survey.

Watch our webinar with SailPoint’s CMO Juliette Rizkallah, who will reveal the full survey results and share:

  • What has changed (and what hasn’t) when it comes to employees’ cybersecurity habits
  • How the digital transformation is introducing more exposure points for organizations
  • How an identity-centric cybersecurity strategy can provide enterprises with full visibility and control over all users, applications and data

Find out how SailPoint can help your organization.

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