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Roping in identity security threats with SailPoint solutions 

I love the rodeo. I said it. I love everything about the rodeo. From the livestock shows to the food vendors, the shopping, the concerts, and especially the rodeo events. Every year, as soon as my family gets our tickets, it feels like Christmas has come early, and I start […]

Top 10 signs your approach to non-employee identity management needs improvement

Authored by Mike Conti, Product Marketing Manager To increase flexibility and boost competitiveness, organizations have eagerly embraced a growing diverse population of consultants, partners, vendors, and other contingent labor, as well as non-human technologies like service accounts, bots, and smart devices. But it’s often difficult to gauge the maturity level […]

SailPoint and CEO Mark McClain at Gartner IAM US

Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit is next Monday, and we can’t wait. This annual event helps IAM and security leaders decide which identity-first security initiatives to prioritize, how to modernize existing staffing models, and whether to invest in new tools to take their organization’s security posture into the identity-first […]

Time is of the essence: How reactionary access risk management can lose you money and reputation

Authored by Cameron Wilson, Product Marketing Manager Even though the pandemic made it feel like time is a flat circle, this is not true, especially regarding access controls, for which timing is vital. So what are access controls, you ask? Access controls certify authentication (users are whom they state they […]

Enterprise security through the right lens

Have you ever stopped to look at something and thought, “Hm, that doesn’t look right”?  Maybe it’s the painting hanging on the wall in your living room and you notice it’s slightly off-center one day as you’re packing up to leave for work.  Or maybe it’s the project at work […]

Q&A with Wendy Shepperd, SVP of Engineering

March 8 is International Women’s Day and a time to celebrate the achievements of all women everywhere. Today, we are highlighting one of our newest crew members, Wendy Shepperd, SVP of Engineering.   Wendy shares how she got started in cybersecurity, the significant role cybersecurity plays in our world today, how […]

SailPoint at Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2023 U.K.

Are you attending Gartner’s Identity & Access Management Summit 2023 in London, U.K., next week? We are too! Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2023 helps IAM and security leaders decide which identity-first security initiatives to prioritize, how to modernize existing staffing models, and whether to invest in new tools […]

Introducing Developer Days 2023

Developer Days 2023, our inaugural conference for developers, is happening March 7th-9th! First time hearing about Developer Days? We thought we’d give you some information to prepare for the best conference experience. Below are tips and tricks to getting the most out of your experience at Developer Days 2023.  Who […]

Investing in digital identity is essential: The costs of inaction are high

Authored by Jaishree Subramania, Vice President of Product Marketing In my last blog covering our Horizons of Identity Security research report, I touched on the five distinct horizons of identity security and the key enablers that determine where an organization sits in its identity journey. Today, I’ll touch on another […]

Gain value on day 1: AI-derived decision support for your identity security program

Authored by Kelly Grizzle, Distinguished Engineer The digital landscape is changing quickly. The number of apps in use by the average enterprise increased by 20% in 2020, according to a recent Netskope threat report. Organizations with 500-2,000 employees now use approximately 700 cloud apps monthly. Data shows us that security teams […]