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Our identity security journey: Transforming opportunity to impact

SailPoint has defined the modern identity security space. SailPoint’s first product allowed organizations to attest that access was correct, for compliance reasons. We soon added the ability to provision and deprovision access, which improved compliance but also boosted productivity. Five years ago, we began to invest in artificial intelligence—before it was the buzzword that it is today—in the name of optimizing access and truly securing identities.

Today, customers are asking for help with a broader set of challenges, driven by the evolving threat landscape, the explosion of enterprise data, and the need for fundamental business transformation.

From driving visibility and control to autonomous identity governance, this year has been one of tremendous growth – in identity security cloud, portfolio, partner ecosystem and customer momentum. We see our customers grappling with challenges such as:

Increasing complexity of identities

We’ve traditionally helped organizations govern their workforce identities, but those workforces look different than they did a few years ago. Most access is now remote as workers have shifted to remote working environments. We see increasing complexity of entitlements based on various identities, roles, and access needs. Contractor access—once limited to narrow use cases—is as complex as employee access. In some cases, bots using service accounts for machine-to-machine access account for most of the enterprise access. We are seeing 87% growth in access requested and more than 50% growth in monthly active users YoY for customers the world over.

Breadth of access usage

We used to think of enterprise access as either privileged or not. We managed general enterprise identities in one system and “privileged” accounts in another system. However, real usage patterns don’t fit these binary definitions anymore. A service account or an employee might use ‘normal’ access for part of their job but need to elevate privileges in real-time to access a certain data set or perform a certain action—based on their security posture, role, geography, data use restriction, or time of day.

Growing types of data

By some estimates, 80-90% of enterprise data is now outside the traditional confines of enterprise applications. It’s in unstructured data spread across hundreds of file stores and SaaS storage platforms. Data that we used to consider “structured” doesn’t feel as structured as it used to—it is instead in vast data lakes, being accessed by thousands of workers across dozens of departments and geographies—each with their own complex regulatory restrictions around use of that data.

More identities. More data. Access that can change in real-time. It’s too much to manage manually, and it can’t be governed by static entitlements or time-consuming access requests.

Join our innovative identity security journey

We have been on this journey for years. With an unwavering commitment to customer success, innovation, and an acute understanding of the evolving digital landscape, SailPoint is changing the identity security landscape. Today’s technology convergence will not address the next generation identity security problems. To this end, we’ve got some exciting announcements coming up at Navigate 2023, and we’ll be sharing our latest vision for both the industry and SailPoint.