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Legacy (re) defined

The term “legacy” is thrown around a lot in this industry. The immediate connotation is negative — the implication is that your technology is outdated, stagnant, and replaceable.  

And certainly, there is a short list of vendors in identity who are very much “legacy” in the traditional sense. They’ve given up on innovation. They no longer invest in that area of their business. It’s become the forgotten technology that didn’t make the shortlist of technologies they devote time, resources, and headcount to. With endless customers left to fend for themselves.  

But that’s just one side of the coin. What happens when we look at “legacy” from the other side? How can the word “legacy” actually be considered a good thing? Respected. Inimitable.   

As the creators of the identity security space, we bring more than 18 years of expertise, innovation, and commitment to this industry. Nobody else can stake that claim. Nobody else has that depth of institutional knowledge. Nobody else has that heritage.  

And certainly, nobody else does identity security like we do. The very real reason why: it’s simply impossible to replicate nearly two decades of relentless focus on deeply understanding the identity security challenges faced by enterprises around the world. And then applying that depth of knowledge to create the first and only identity security platform that completely addresses the sophisticated needs of the modern enterprise.  

So, what is legacy (re)defined? It’s strong heritage. It’s thousands and thousands of implementations successfully completed on behalf of our enterprise customers. All of that learning. All of that depth of knowledge. All of that Innovation that speaks to real business needs and that drives real business impact. None of that can be imitated. That’s a heritage, a history that you can’t beg, borrow and steal your way to. You’ve got to put in the time, the resources, the commitment, the energy, the passion, and the deep-seated understanding of the nuances of a very complex problem. And then, you have to be able to simplify that complexity – and do so on behalf of the most demanding, sophisticated, and valuable brands around the world, earning their inherent trust in helping them to create an enterprise security foundation grounded in identity security – powered by SailPoint. 

At SailPoint, we’re redefining legacy: we’re the pioneers, the very creators of this space, who actively replaces traditional legacy vendors every single day. And we equally replace those vendors who feign commitment to this space but instead bring lackluster, lightweight, narrow approaches and try to pass it off as comparable to what we deliver. These approaches – outdated or lightweight – don’t hold a candle to the depth of knowledge and technology innovation we bring to bear. There is no “fast forward” button in the world that can replicate what we deliver today.  

That’s the redefined “legacy” and leadership we’ve built and sustained at SailPoint.  

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