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Introducing the SailPoint Partner Fleet program

At SailPoint, customer success is critical to us, especially in our largely SaaS world, and partners play a significant role in helping drive that. Partners driving the right behaviors, not just sourcing opportunities or transacting opportunities but, more importantly, implementing our products and helping our customers get up and running quickly. SailPoint Partner Fleet is a program focused on empowering our partners, giving them clarity on their roles, and allowing them to optimize their business to help drive customer success. Our business has been changing and growing and will continue to. We need to make sure our partner ecosystem evolves with us; this program supports that.

With the Partner Fleet program, partners will act as an extension of SailPoint. They will be able to showcase their unique expertise through role-based pillars and fleet competencies, like our new Managed Services Competency. Together with our Partner Fleet, we are dedicated and hyper-focused on meeting the identity needs of our customers.

Best-of-breed partner ecosystem

The right partners know it’s not just about selling a product to a customer; it is about getting customers rapidly deployed and delivering faster time to value so they can focus on what is critical to their business. A solid way to do that is to have our partners focus on delivering services (and being really good at it).

The Partner Fleet program moves SailPoint’s partner ecosystem to a best-of-breed partner program. We know that partners can provide value in one or even several different roles. At the core of the SailPoint Partner Fleet program are the roles our partners play:

  • Delivery Services
  • Solutions & Advisory
  • Drive Growth

Through our new program, partners choose which role-based pillar­­—or pillars—they want to participate in. Then they can differentiate themselves through various competencies like Delivery Admiral, which recognizes partners who continuously successfully implement SailPoint solutions for our customers, and ­Managed Services.

At SailPoint, we are fueled by providing value to our customers and enabling them to succeed. To us, this means a strong emphasis on Managed Services, which is a critical part of the SailPoint Partner Fleet program. Our Managed Service Partners can help consult and efficiently implement SailPoint at scale across the globe. And the new Managed Services competency aims to recognize these partners who provide that level of above-and-beyond support and managed services experiences for customers.

Driving customer success

SailPoint is dedicated to investing in and enabling our most valuable partners: Partners who are highly engaged with us and our field and partners who are finding innovative ways to deliver customer value with SailPoint. We know the cornerstone of a successful partnership is a program that recognizes those partners and engages with them further, and that is what we are launching with the SailPoint Partner Fleet. In fact, in the Second half of 2023, we are launching our SailPoint Partner Portal to provide Fleet partners with additional resources like the following:

  • Streamlined end-to-end partner experience.
  • Access to new resources like training and certifications.
  • Centralize visibility and tracking.
  • Support throughout GTM and customer lifecycle.

We are in a position to accelerate innovation across our business, enabling us to more effectively address the rapidly evolving needs of enterprise customers for identity security. At SailPoint, we are laser-focused on becoming the de facto identity security vendor for the modern enterprise, and our introduction of the SailPoint Partner Fleet program is an intentional step towards that goal.

To learn more about SailPoint’s partner ecosystem, visit our website.