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It’s a good thing I’m not bitter: how easy it’d be to wreak havoc on my previous employer

Authored by Anonymous SailPoint Employee Before joining SailPoint, I worked at a B2B company for just over a decade. I loved my time there, and I still have nothing but the fondest of feelings for the organization, the people I worked with, and the work we did together there.    And, […]

SailPoint named in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass

Authored by Linda Adams, Senior Analyst Relations Manager As an analyst relations professional, I’ve project-managed dozens of analyst evaluations and learned some critical differences among firms. Some reports only skim the surface and provide a superficial market view. Others do an in-depth analysis, requiring vendors to provide a detailed written […]

Takeaways from RSA 2023: LLMs, National Defense and identity as the new cybersecurity perimeter

The 2023 RSA Conference in San Francisco showcased cutting-edge developments in the cybersecurity landscape, focusing on the potential and challenges Large Language Models (LLMs), the increasing importance of identity as the new perimeter for cyber defense, and the cybersecurity imperative for national defense. In this blog, I’ll be diving into […]

Why identity security is core to your business

Without identity security, there is no enterprise security.   The companies who rally behind this statement are the ones who stay out of the headlines. They remain protected. They drive down risk. They drive up business agility. This creates acceleration and energy across their business. And ultimately, this empowers the entire […]

World Password Day 2023

Happy World Password Day! Created by cybersecurity professionals in 2013 and designated as the first Thursday in May, World Password Day is meant to educate about healthy password habits that help keep our information secure. Passwords are not only hard to remember and keep track of but also one of […]

HIMSS 2023: 4 key takeaways

Our biggest takeaway from HIMMS 2023 is that healthcare identity security needs help.  During the conference, we spoke to many healthcare professionals about issues and upcoming trends. We discovered that many healthcare organizations are still early in their identity security journey but are ready for a positive change. Many currently […]

5 reasons to level up from your legacy platform and migrate to a modern identity security solution

Enterprises have a lot invested in their legacy identity security solutions, so it comes as no surprise when they may resist the idea of migrating to a modern solution. It can be difficult to convince stakeholders across the organization to turn their backs on the time and money already spent […]

Meet our CISO – Rex Booth

CISOs are busy. They are in a mad dash to secure their enterprise while juggling an overwhelming number of competing priorities, budgets, driving efficiencies, all while evolving the digital ecosystem to match pace with the speed of innovation and change happening across the business. So, if you get a moment of […]

Introducing the SailPoint Partner Fleet program

At SailPoint, customer success is critical to us, especially in our largely SaaS world, and partners play a significant role in helping drive that. Partners driving the right behaviors, not just sourcing opportunities or transacting opportunities but, more importantly, implementing our products and helping our customers get up and running […]

Identity Management Day 2023

I regret to inform you that by the time you read this article, you will have missed Burrito Day (and Rat Day?!). Not to worry, though, you still have Look Up at the Sky Day, Eat What You Want Day, and Axe Throwing Day. While the celebrations for these days […]