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Key takeaways from the state of identity security 2023: a spotlight on healthcare

This week, SailPoint released a new report titled The State of Identity Security 2023: A Spotlight on Healthcare. The report examines what identity security looks like in the healthcare industry today, particularly in the face of continuing challenges, including chronic staffing shortages, the ongoing increase in malicious cyberattacks against providers, […]

What identity can learn from the Blob

What limits the size of a city? It’s not a particular industry, nor is it a favorable setting. What limits the size of a city is the speed of its transportation. As innovation accelerated transport, cities grew larger; people could range further for school, work, and community. But even this […]

SailPoint interactive demos: seeing is believing

As a leading provider of identity governance solutions, we understand the importance of demonstrating the value and capabilities of our products to existing and potential customers. That’s why we offer interactive demos to showcase how our identity security platform can help discover, manage, and secure all identities across the modern […]

The identity security journey

Authored by Jaishree Subramania, Vice President of Product Marketing In my last blog, we looked at the four major elements defining the future of identity security – derived from our 2022 Horizons of Identity Security research study. While it may take some time to reach different aspects of this future, […]

Delivering a comprehensive approach to identity security

One of the things that really energized me when thinking about our next chapter under Thoma Bravo was the promise of accelerated innovation to the benefit of our rapidly growing enterprise customer base. You’ll see us make some moves in 2023 (and beyond) to increase our velocity of innovation, delivering […]

Partner of the year awards

Authored by Dave Schwartz, Global Head of Partners Faster. Tougher. Together.   These three words sum up SailPoint’s Partner ecosystem. We are working to provide faster time to value, encouraging each other to stay tough as we grow and leaning in with our partners that address our customers’ most challenging problems.  […]

Upping Your identity security game in 2023

It’s a new year, a time to reset and evaluate if we are taking steps to reach our goals. We commonly think about new year’s resolutions and goals from an individual standpoint, but companies can have them too. A reoccurring goal we’ve heard from organizations is to reevaluate and improve […]

Essentials of Joiner-Mover-Leaver Functions

Authored by Jerry Aubel, Senior Product Marketing Manager Imagine this – You’re attending the Identity Security equivalent of the Oscars. Anticipation is palpable as the host begins to announce the winner of the coveted “Identity Process of the Year” award…and the winner is Joiner-Mover-Leaver! Perhaps that’s a geek pipedream. But […]

2022’s Best (Blog) Hits

It’s that time of year: time for reflection and goal setting. Some big things happened in 2022! We learned a lot and continued to refine our products to help us protect enterprises for the future. In case you missed one (or more), check out our top-performing blogs and take an […]

The Future of Identity Security: Four Major Elements

Authored by Jaishree Subramania, Vice President of Product Marketing Earlier this year, we conducted research surveys across the globe that culminated in our Horizons of Identity Security Report. During this project, identity security decision-makers from across the world helped us clearly define five horizons of identity security programs, from beginning […]