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Three Ways Identity Governance Secures the Oil and Gas Industry

According to the federal Energy Information Administration, oil production has been rising steadily since 2009 with the U.S. becoming the world’s leading producer of natural gas.  EIA’s preliminary data for 2019 indicates that total U.S. petroleum production averaged about 19.33 million barrels per day (mmb/d). Natural gas is used in a […]

Three Ways to Avoid a Data Breach: A How-To Guide

Since the beginning, humans have created ‘how-to guides’ to help with just about anything. Information sharing is the bedrock of villages — whether in ancient, modern, or future times — and is constantly evolving. From back in the caveman days with paintings on the wall instructing others how to hunt to […]

How to Overcome the Security Challenges of a Remote Workforce

With unprecedented times come unprecedented measures, and those measures don’t come without the potential for added risk. Almost overnight, organizations had to adapt to changing business needs and roles, with many reverting to a nearly 100% remote workforce. To keep the business up and running, many took shortcuts to more […]

The Changing Landscape of Supply Chain Management in the Wake of COVID-19

The impacts of COVID-19 on business operations and the economy is complex and continuing to evolve. To better understand what we are facing today, we will first look at a few principles and trends from the 1950s and how they are forcing organizations to rethink their operations. We will dive […]

The Step-by-Step Guide to CCPA Compliance

California is just one in a string of many states to enact legislation that puts the responsibility of privacy in the hands of businesses. The CCPA, in particular, impacts for-profit businesses with consumers in California that meet one of three requirements: they must have more than $25 million in annual […]

Three Questions with Sandy Dunn, CISO at a Large Health Insurance Provider in Idaho

Picture this: it’s 4:30 a.m. on a cold winter day in Wyoming. Instead of sleeping in and staying cozy, you wake up to start your paper delivery route. Seven days a week. On a bike. Facing strong winds head-on. That’s Sandy Dunn’s experience at her first job when she was […]

Building Remote Cultures Before, During and After Zoom Pandas

Janel Ryan, SailPoint and Jordan Shapiro, Cato Networks Following a Zoom call where our CRO showed up dressed as a panda, it got me thinking about how remote cultures can work really well. That one seemingly silly act spawned a much larger conversation with a former co-worker where we were […]

Digital Workers Are Identities Too!

With the need to continually innovate, evolve and improve processes, enterprises need to consistently be more efficient, secure and compliant.  This is true now more than ever! Enterprises are having to evaluate processes and automate as much as possible to ensure the safety of their employees. This means enabling the […]

In Favor of the Shift

A spring without baseball allows time for reflection about the big issues in life—about what really matters. As a result of this past empty April, I’ve come to a realization: the defensive shift is good for baseball. The defensive shift occurs when the defense plays out of its typical alignment. […]

Is excessive data making your business dangerously overweight?

Are you feeling gluttonous? Bloated? Overweight? We’re not talking about your diet in the Coronavirus shutdown period, but the data on your server. For years, you could have been accumulating information on customers, partners and clients that is now bursting from your data seams. We’ve always held data as the […]