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Connectivity: The secret weapon to identity security success

Understanding and satisfying identity security requirements is about helping organizations not only secure access to environments, but also realize business value as quickly as possible. And the first step is to secure access to applications.

When organizations don’t apply core identity security principles – such as access requests, access approvals, certifications, and insights – to business applications, no matter what they are, how they’re delivered, or where they reside, it’s hard to get a clear view into access, enforce consistent policies, detect threats, and understand risks.

That’s where SailPoint Connectivity comes in, delivering comprehensive solutions that give our customers the power to manage access to any application. Think of us as your personal identity security arsenal with a cadre of solutions specifically designed to synchronize applications and data sources, jumpstart your identity security journey, and help confidently and securely manage an identity’s access across the organization.

Comprehensive connectivity for every application

SailPoint Connectivity is a key component of SailPoint’s Atlas platform. Our singular focus on extending, connecting, and integrating core identity security capabilities with business applications translates into comprehensive, actionable security that quickly delivers deep access governance for both cloud and on-premises apps.

This gives enterprises the ability to quickly govern and secure access to applications across any IT environment and throughout the application lifecycle. Every customer has a different application portfolio. SailPoint’s connector library supports customer needs to achieve connectivity for:

  • More than 1,100 unique enterprise applications
  • More than 20,000 custom applications

SailPoint’s connectivity depth and breadth helps us accomplish this, including:

  • An extensive catalog with hundreds of supported connectors & integrations: SailPoint’s product and engineering teams are dedicated to developing, enhancing, and maintaining comprehensive connectivity solutions. This catalog includes:
    • Comprehensive purpose-built connectivity: Deep integrations for applications specific to industries including healthcare, insurance, finance and others that meet unique industry identity security requirements.
    • Strategic integrations: Deep integrations for the most-used enterprise applications, including SAP, ServiceNow, Oracle, Salesforce, and more.
    • Standards-based connectivity templates for low-code configuration of connectivity to applications via REST, JDBC, SCIM, and file-based integrations.

Flexible connectivity for any IT environment

SailPoint’s Connectivity solutions cover SaaS, on-premises, and hybrid IT environments to help organizations navigate ongoing digital transformation challenges, including:

  • SaaS connectivity:   Organizations can directly connect and integrate with their cloud applications from Identity Security Cloud, reducing configuration time and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Solution-based connectivity: Organizations can leverage event-driven rules and actions to help ensure that identity security actions are applied as necessary to all components of their application architectures.
  • Single-source configuration capabilities: Organizations need only configure applications once to realize the benefits of multiple SailPoint identity security use cases.
  • Support for homegrown & custom-developed enterprise applications: Connectivity for both non-commercial and unique, organization-specific applications supports secure access.

Value-add connectivity for every business

The value of any identity security program is defined by its ability to help organizations quickly implement best practices, adapt to changing IT environments, integrate with and secure applications, and maintain compliance. SailPoint Connectivity was designed to deliver this and more—and that translates into tangible business value for our customers.

  • SailPoint helps remove friction and accelerate access delivery via deep integrations with key productivity, IT and operations platforms, and extensive vertical connectivity for healthcare, insurance, financial and other industries.
  • SailPoint’s connectivity solutions cover everything from legacy to leading-edge because we know that our customers need solutions that align with whatever stage of digital transformation they’re experiencing.
  • SailPoint endeavors to maintain interoperability with the latest application revisions for all our supported connectors, and we consistently deliver enhancements to meet customer requirements.
  • Finally, SailPoint is constantly introducing new connectivity solutions to meet specific requests and constantly changing customer requirements.

SailPoint Connectivity is your secret weapon to help manage access to important resources, improve security postures, satisfy compliance requirements, and get a clear view of access across the organization.

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SailPoint Connectivity gives organizations the ability to quickly apply identity security to the applications they use every day. The more applications for which organizations can manage access, the more identities they can govern, and the more compliant they are. Find out more about how we can help you jumpstart your identity security journey:

Author: Amy Lemen, Sr. Product Marketing Manager – SailPoint Connectivity