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Three Questions with Tracey Nyholt Founder & CEO of TechJutsu

Tracey Nyholt has had an unconventional career path. After graduating in 1990 with a degree in English Literature, she used her literacy skills to teach herself IT skills. Despite her dedication to learning, she had a tough time getting a job in IT. At one point, an HR manager even […]

Why You Need a Zero Trust Strategy Now

Here is what we know. Digital transformation can provide many innovative benefits, but if not properly implemented, it could introduce risk. That is why many organizations are taking an identity-focused zero-trust approach in their security strategies. We all know the saying that “it takes a village,” and that rings true […]

A Conversation with SailPoint and Microsoft

Join SailPoint CRO, Matt Mills and Microsoft’s President of US Enterprise Business, Matt Renner as they discuss the importance of identity in today’s new world and how the SailPoint+ Microsoft partnership is solving the complex security and compliance needs of businesses. Matt Renner shares how Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud offerings coupled […]

Quad: Identity Built to Scale

Meet SailPoint customer, Quad Graphics. Quad Graphics is a global leading provider of print and media who partners with their clients to provide fully integrated marketing solutions. Fresh off the heels of an acquisition, they needed an identity solution that would enable them to scale the growing business and allow […]

Three Questions with Customer Success Manager, Samantha Pedraza

If you ask Samantha Pedraza if she’s where she thought she would be, it’s likely she would say no – and she is grateful for that. The path to where she is now as a customer success manager on the SailPoint Crew began long before she got her feet wet […]

The Identity Lightbulb Moment

One of the things I run into a lot when talking with customers and prospects is this notion that identity governance is a project, a point-in-time initiative that fits in between a whole host of other IT priorities meant to support and match the velocity of the business. But let […]

The Bittersweet Reality of Digital Transformation

Healthcare’s digital transformation journey has been paved by advances in technology, policy initiatives and incentives. Yet the road to transformation has also been littered with potholes, which slows and prevents adoption. The zeitgeist of the health IT industry is the that next solution will be revolutionary. Yet, to date, it has been […]

Royal Floraholland Wins Big with SaaS

Meet SailPoint customer, Royal Floraholland. Royal Floraholland is a cooperative of growers in the floriculture industry that processes 100,000 transactions a day. Being the largest floriculture marketplace in the world, they needed an identity solution that would enable them to scale the growing business quickly and allow them to pivot […]

AmeriGas Propane’s SaaS Program Delivers with SailPoint

Meet SailPoint customer, AmeriGas Propane. They are one of the nation’s largest propane distributors with 8,500 employees. When they started building their identity program, they knew they needed a solution that could stand up and evolve to their changing business needs. With SailPoint, AmeriGas Propane has: Quickly developed a cloud-first […]

Welcome to the SailPoint Tech Blog

I’m excited to announce the launch of the SailPoint Tech Blog on Medium! The launch of our Medium blog brings us a fresh new coat of paint, but it is so much more than that. While blogging was something we were doing long before I joined the team, I realized […]