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Reduce risk and improve security with Activity Insights

In a perfect world, we would have everything we need to make speedy, accurate identity access decisions. In reality, to make these good decisions, we must analyze a lot of data, including context, information, history, analysis and the balance of short- and long-term value. Who has time for all that? Now you do, with SailPoint Activity Insights as part of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud.

This new capability within SailPoint Identity Security Cloud enables enhanced decision making by surfacing contextual information for users. Activity Insights provides not only data on who has access to what SaaS applications, it also serves up activity data and usage trends to show who is using applications. This information can help you make better, more informed access decisions. 

Activity Insights delivers activity-related data points across SailPoint Identity Security Cloud capabilities to achieve true least-privileged access.  When certifying and reviewing access, application owners can see how often a user has logged into a resource in the last 90 days and compare it to their peers. If the data indicates inactivity, the reviewer can investigate trends, compare usage to peers, or terminate access, eliminating risk and potentially saving license costs.

SailPoint Identity Security Cloud incorporates Activity Insights into several capabilities, including Access Certifications. You now can view activity data points and usage information at the source level, within the access certifications screen, so you can make informed decisions to revoke or continue an identity’s access.

Previously, Access Modeling provided suggestions for which entitlements should be associated with roles, based solely on entitlement data and how often a group of identities has the entitlement. With Activity Insights, customers can see how often an entitlement is used and view activity data points at the source level. Administrators can use that data to improve the access model and decision making around optimal role building and maintenance.

Additionally, Activity Insights are integrated into Access History. Access History is a data intelligence tool for identity access managers and individuals with direct reports to gain visibility into historical information on identity-specific entitlements, roles, and other identity governance-related items. This helps you understand how an entitlement, or its related application, was utilized. The tool addresses basic questions such as how has this entitlement/application been used since a user gained access, has an individual’s activity decreased over time? Has it increased? Has their activity followed a cyclical pattern? Have they failed to use it when they should have? All this activity data will now be available to help make informed decisions and deliver forensic utilization information.

Having more information, in this case, activity data and usage context, is always a good thing when making decisions. After all, experts say we make 35,000 conscious decisions a day. Now with SailPoint’s Activity Insights, you can be confident you’re making the right ones! Tune in to this on-demand webinar for a deeper dive.

Authored by Jerry Aubel, Sr. Product Marketing Manager