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The most advanced identity security solution–powered by AI and ML–that will help you transform how you secure and manage your business.

  • IaaS governance
  • Activity data based insights
  • Rectify anomalous access

Business Value

Automated. Advanced. Analytics.

Transform your business with advanced identity security to make better access decisions faster, spot potential threats, and maintain optimized access models for stronger security and compliance.


Minimize the attack surface.

This is the most comprehensive identity solution for extended access protection across all data, apps, and cloud resources. Integrate critical activity insights and advanced AI technologies into core identity security capabilities to help discover, secure, and manage identities across an entire hybrid infrastructure.

Advanced AI tools

Maximize productivity and protection with the power of advanced AI-Driven Identity Security that includes Identity Outliers and Activity Insights.

Identify and remediate anomalous access

Identity Outlier Score and Contextual Insights standardize and inform the measurement of access anomalies across your identity ecosystem.


Extend identity security to cloud infrastructure and govern enterprise cloud entitlements for a stronger security posture across cloud systems.


Unified. Intelligent. Powerful.

SailPoint Atlas is a secure identity platform that allows organizations to tackle new identity security challenges without having to rearchitect their solution.

Product Modules

Everything you need. And then some.

Four product modules provide you key capabilities and features to start your identity security journey.

Lifecycle Management

Automate and manage the identity lifecycle from day 1

Compliance Management

Streamline identity processes and strengthen access governance

Access Modeling

Create and implement access roles that fit your needs


Make better access decisions with actionable insights into identity data


Take your identity security solution even further

The SailPoint Identity Security Cloud delivers the essentials for most organizations. SailPoint also offers add-ons for specific needs.

Non-Employee Risk Management

Execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle management strategies for non-employees

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Data Access Security

Enhance governance and protection for critical unstructured data

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Password Management

Consistent, strong password policies across apps and sources

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Access Risk Management

Real-time access risk analysis and identification of potential risks

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SailPoint’s Identity Security Cloud solution enables organizations to manage and secure real-time access to critical data and applications for every enterprise identity with an intelligent and unified approach, unlike other identity governance solutions on the market today.


Centralize & unify your
identity security

Build your foundation of identity security


Automate & optimize with AI, in

Extend your identity security

Business Plus

Mitigate risk & simplify processes
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Accelerate growth and transformation

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