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10 months later and 10 reasons to celebrate SailPoint’s Non-Employee Risk Management solution 

Authored by Michael Conti, Product Marketing Manager The ten months since SailPoint acquired SecZetta have flown by. As a SecZetta employee turned SailPoint crew member, I’ll never forget the day we were acquired…it was a whirlwind of exhilaration and the start of a thrilling new chapter. It’s been a remarkable […]

Driving deeper insights, more automation, and better visibility into your IGA program

Authored by Ana Hilstad, Senior Product Marketing Manager The attack surface for organizations is exponentially growing as the number of applications, types of identities, and complexity of their unstructured data continue to rise. According to a recent industry report, governing access manually, often across dozens of disparate systems, without the […]

State Of Data Access Governance Report shows organizations struggle with data security and compliance 

Authored by Eric Zimmerman, Product Marketing Manager When adequately secured, expertly analyzed, and appropriately shared, enterprise data is a business accelerant. But as more data is created and stored, the potential attack surface grows – and companies struggle to adequately secure their critical data assets – leaving them exposed to […]

Risky business: How to evaluate identity security vendors 

Authored by Jerry Aubel, Senior Product Marketing Manager CISOs are faced with making critical decisions every day. From project priorities and resource allocation to technology vendor selection and beyond. Some of these decisions have longer lasting consequences than others, like selecting the right identity security vendor to partner with. So, […]

Navigating the digital landscape: A deep dive into the Horizons of Identity Security 2023-24 with Accenture

In today’s digital landscape, where our online interactions seamlessly merge with our offline lives, it’s never been more clear how vital identity security truly is. With businesses leaning more towards SaaS solutions and facing increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, a solid identity strategy is non-negotiable. Building upon the foundation SailPoint started […]

Congratulations SailPoint customer award winners!

At SailPoint, we know that when our customers succeed, we succeed. That’s why we value their stories and journeys as much as ours. Our amazing customers have always raised their hands to share their expertise and success stories. That’s why we are so excited to take a moment to celebrate […]

The power of unified identity security

Today’s identity security challenges are massively different than they were even a handful of years ago, never mind a decade or two ago. The way we work has evolved. The centrality of identities to both the enablement and security of today’s enterprise has increased significantly. The threat landscape is more […]

Identity Security: A continuous journey in the evolving digital landscape

As the saying goes, the only thing that is constant is change. For many organizations, that change can take many forms. For some, the change is enabling a work from-anywhere workforce. For others,  it is meeting new compliance standards or changing how they protect themselves from cyber risk. And for […]

Introducing SailPoint Data Access Security: Intelligently govern and secure critical data  

Authored by Eric Zimmermann, Product Marketing Manager Data is the lifeblood of modern enterprises. Think confidential customer insights, financial models, operational data, software code, trade secrets, and various other forms of sensitive intellectual property. As more data is created, shared, and stored, the potential attack surface grows – leaving companies […]

Unpacking the Horizons of Identity Security 2023-24

Authored by Jaishree Submramania, Vice President Product Marketing Historically, nautical explorers have often used the North Star as a guiding light, providing critical direction among vast and uncharted territories. Just as those explorers relied on that constant beacon, modern enterprises need a steadfast guide in the sprawling digital realm. Identity […]