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The identity security journey: Meeting customers where they are

Today, identity security is an indispensable pillar of a business’s digital defenses. As cyber threats grow in scale and sophistication, next-gen identity security that equips enterprises to effortlessly manage and secure access to applications and data – at speed and scale – is critical.

However, beyond the overall goal of securing access to applications and data, enterprises might have varied short-term and long-term priorities. For instance, one large retail organization might want to increase onboarding efficiency, while a fintech business might want to empower and protect remote work. Another healthcare company might be focused on both. And here at SailPoint, that can all be in a day’s work.

So, how does one solution, SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, meet each organization’s unique needs at every step of their identity security journeys? Let’s take a look at a few examples.

  1. Tailoring support to a huge consumer organization

Upgrading a business’s identity security is tough enough. But trying to do so without the support of tried and trusted experts can be a recipe for failure. That’s why at SailPoint we always provide tailored recommendations for an implementation partner who can support customers with their transitions. 

A world-leading consumer goods manufacturer asked SailPoint to help it become the most connected business of its type in the world. The customer’s short-term goal was to establish an identity program and begin automating lifecycle activities. It also wanted to roll out a common set of applications across all operating companies and streamline the broader application suite.

To advance delivery and implementation of a robust identity security program, SailPoint brought together a group of internal and external experts from product management, SaaS engineering, and services, alongside executive leadership to collaborate on delivery scope, timelines, and value. The SailPoint team guided the customer and its chosen implementation partner through technical delivery practices and the initial performance assessments and scalability of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, along with providing last-minute advice and support.

The customer soon enjoyed a smooth deployment and realization of their mission: a successful cutover from their legacy tool to SailPoint Identity Security Cloud and end-to-end automation. It quickly processed 500+ joiners and initiated 250+ leavers through SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, now managing over 100,000 identities in total.

  1. Improving control and centricity at a digital bank

Nordnet, a Scandinavian online bank, approached SailPoint to improve its usability, maintainability, scalability, and control of all access, as well as obtain “one source of truth” where all access can be viewed, managed, and secured in one place.

The bank went live with SailPoint Identity Security Cloud to specifically focus on Certifications and Access requests in their revamped Request Center. It resulted in a significantly quicker approval process, empowering the Nordnet team to easily manage, track, and review access for greater control. Mattias Karlsson, Process Owner of Access Management at Nordnet, said, “One of the focus areas was to improve usability and efficiency, which we have achieved, and gotten incredibly positive feedback from managers.”

Nordnet has achieved particularly remarkable improvements in its certification campaigns, trimming the completion time from 30 days to an impressive 18. The positive impact of these changes has reverberated throughout the organization. Marcus Montelius, System Manager at Nordnet, said, “We have had very positive feedback from our colleagues after our implementation of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud. The easy-to-use design for requests and certifications and the Slack integration have been very popular and much appreciated by our users.”

Montelius continued, “We have also improved drastically the implementation time of new integration with our internal application, compared to our previous system. This enables us to extend the delivery of applications and requestable accesses which results in less access management manual work around the company.”

  1. Transforming Joiner, Mover, and Leaver processes for an investment business

A classic symptom across many enterprises today is the number of manual processes that they tend to persevere with. For a leading provider of end-to-end investment services, its Joiner, Mover, and Leaver (JML) processes required users to be manually onboarded and exited, while disjointed HR and core technology platforms were updated independently. These time-consuming manual tasks led to regular mistakes and delays, along with serious information security risks.

Fortunately, the business soon recognized that with SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, it could achieve greater control and process efficiencies over IT access management, particularly for JML. SailPoint now automates key actions within joiners, role changes, and user termination processes across their platforms and Active Directory. The company launched this across its two major domains and all user accounts are now managed through SailPoint Identity Security Cloud.

“Since the launch, we have been encouraged by the operational efficiency benefits that we are seeing as part of our staff Joiner, Mover, and Leaver processes,” said the company’s Head of IT Operations & Infrastructure. “We look forward to building upon this foundation over the coming year as we further embed SailPoint Identity Security Cloud into our individual applications’ access controls, enabling us to realize the full value of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud as a cornerstone of our identity security strategy.”

The power of a unified solution

The beauty of SailPoint Identity Security Cloud is that no matter the type of business or specific identity challenges faced, the solution is crafted to support customers today and throughout their journey, as identity needs and requirements grow in size, scale, and complexity. Four product modules provide customers with key capabilities and features to start their identity security journey: lifecycle management, compliance management, access modeling, and analytics. And with several add-ons designed to satisfy the most specific of identity security needs, SailPoint helps customers manage and secure every enterprise identity with greater ease while reducing overall risk.

Thousands of organizations worldwide use SailPoint Identity Security Cloud to manage and secure access to critical data and applications for every enterprise identity. So, wherever your enterprise is in its identity security journey, you can too. Learn more and start your journey today.