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Customer Stories

Voices of experience: real-world examples of why investing in identity security pays off

Considering investing in identity security? You’ll likely want to hear from others like you that have walked that path before. We agree that there’s no better source than to hear real-world examples from your peers, so we asked customers what impact they see from partnering with SailPoint and what they […]

What makes SailPoint different? Our relentless pursuit of customer success

Authored by Christopher Caruso, VP, Customer Success I have a fervent belief that in the software business, customers choose SailPoint as a vendor based on the value we create, the efficiency we identify and the speed of execution we add to our customers’ value chain (I’ll leave that for a […]

Best Buy, Cognizant, and ExxonMobil talk all things identity security

Security leaders share their experiences overcoming roadblocks and building a solid business case for identity security Identity security is a critical part of the dynamic digital landscape and is essential for risk mitigation, compliance, and operational efficiency. It’s an enabling technology that provides greater security for organizational resources and a […]

Keurig Dr Pepper and Salesforce discuss transforming their businesses with identity security

Companies of all sizes are leveraging identity security capabilities in new ways to address more business challenges than ever before. To gain an on-the-ground perspective on how large companies are succeeding with identity and what they’re learning from their deployments, SailPoint CEO, Mark McClain sat down with Cody Warhurst, Director […]

Why you should migrate from IdentityIQ to SailPoint Identity Security Cloud  

 Authored by Chris Gossett, SVP, Technology Services  On-premises solutions can give you control of all your infrastructure and the power to customize your configurations. While powerful, on-premises solutions have their limits and can impact budgets, resource consumption, availability, scalability, and more. For example, organizations may struggle to find appropriate staff […]

SailPoint Identity Security Cloud: Most common questions

For many organizations, the cloud is the future. As applications, databases, and services shift to cloud platforms, it means security must also. Luckily, any organization already invested in SailPoint IdentityIQ on-premises identity management solutions has a head start. They can migrate almost seamlessly to SailPoint Identity Security Cloud, maintaining work […]

FedRAMP ATO process and timeline: SailPoint’s 5 step journey

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a U.S. government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. The FedRAMP authorization process is designed to ensure that cloud services used by federal agencies meet the government’s stringent security […]

Reducing risk and increasing compliance through non-employee risk management

What good is the strongest door lock if all the windows in your house are unlocked and not monitored?   Unfortunately, that’s the situation for too many organizations when it comes to lifecyle management and risk management of non-employees. For example, a recent PwC Survey found that only 40% of survey […]

Using identity to reduce the burden of managing SaaS sprawl

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions can be a huge improvement over traditional IT solutions in many ways, from cost and scalability to easier deployment and maintenance. Those benefits (and others) are helping to drive rapid growth in the SaaS market, which is projected by Gartner to top 16% in 2023.   But with […]

Voices of experience – What’s the role of a cloud-first approach to identity security?

Managing cyber security for an organization is an ongoing process that evolves as an organization’s infrastructure, applications, technology, and user base evolves.  For many organizations, cloud is an important part of that evolution. Some organizations have gone fully to the cloud with applications and data; others are still wholly on-premises, […]