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Ensure trust & improve operational efficiencies

Leverage AI-driven identity security to prevent costly breaches, reduce manual tasks, and simplify audit readiness within your bank or financial institution.

The state of identity security 2023: A spotlight on financial services

Financial services is experiencing rapid digitalization, increased risks, persistent threats, and needs to stop manually governing identities. See key findings from our recent white paper.


Reduce risk with an AI-driven identity security program

Banks, insurance, and other financial services institutions are facing significant security, economic, and compliance challenges. Increased risk comes from rapid digitalization, shifts to the cloud, and mergers and acquisitions.

As a critical sector with complexity beyond human capacity, leveraging AI to modernize an identity security program is essential. Financial institutions need to reduce risks and lower costs. However, many are still using manual processes to grant access that introduce significant risk and expense.

Protect brand and reputation from unauthorized access of sensitive data. SailPoint’s AI-driven identity security helps organizations ensure least privilege access, prevent workforce access delays, and simplify audit readiness.

  • Eliminate audit fatigue with AI that highlights risky and/or anomalous access
  • Reduce operational costs by automating identity tasks
  • Simplify compliance and demonstrate strong access controls to auditors
  • Leverage AI-driven automation to manage access as users join, change roles, or leave
  • Secure against breaches, negligence, or malicious insider threats


Top financial companies are SailPoint customers1


Automated tasks per month2


14 hours to 2.5 minutes provisioning access3


Quickly & securely grant access

Improve productivity through automation

Leverage AI to securely enable employees and third parties with faster access to data and applications. Ensure robotic process automation (RPA) is limited to the right access.

Reduce operational costs

Relieve IT and security teams of manual identity access processes and reduce the cost of compliance. Automatically generating audit trails and access reports on all key applications and data.

Govern non-employee access

Reduce risk by tracking third-party and other non-employee user access and activity. Govern the right level of access for the right amount of time.

Reduce risk of breach or insider threat

Achieve 360º visibility across all points of access and uncover hidden risks, such as overprovisioned or orphaned accounts. Leverage AI and machine learning to detect risky outliers and remediate potential conflicts of interest. Reduce threat of fraud with Separation of duties (SoD) where no single person controls more than one part of a transaction. Mitigate insider threats with deep insights and policies that detect toxic access combinations.

Protect sensitive data and ensure zero trust

Use a zero trust security model to protect your users, data and systems at every point of access. Confidently accelerate your digital transformation and accommodate an expanding organization, M&A, or shifts to the cloud. SailPoint’s platform enables you to easily meet your regulatory requirements such as SOX, PCI DSS, GDPR, and others.

Simplify compliance and be audit ready

Save time and increase accuracy preparing for compliance audits. Simplify compliance by implementing processes and tools to easily manage compliance requirements. Create a full audit trail of accounts, entitlements, policies, and actions, and access audit reports real-time with ease.

Seamlessly connect applications

Increase visibility through integrated connectors to reduce cyber risk. Integrate your applications such as HR, ERPs, learning management systems, and security applications to easily orchestrate identity-related tasks.

Customer Stories

Identity governance for streamlined and secure access

quote Compliance was a main driver for our program, underpinned by our security efforts. With SailPoint, we were able to deliver streamlined, secure access and importantly, demonstrate compliance to our auditors.

Jochem de Ru, Product Owner, ABN AMRO


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