Life at SailPoint

Today is IT Pro Day! Here Are Three Questions with SailPoint Desktop Support Specialist Nancy Acosta

Today is IT Pro Day, a holiday to say thank you to all the dedicated people out there working their magic behind the scenes—keeping our essential technologies performing and our lives running smoothly. At SailPoint, we are lucky to have an army of IT Pros. Meet Nancy. As a desktop […]

Three Questions with Robin Barde, Global Sales Enablement Manager at SailPoint

Not many people start their high-tech careers at the symphony, but for Robin Barde, Global Sales Enablement Manager at SailPoint, that’s where her career in tech and sales began. To get to that point, though, we must step back in time a little further. Growing up, Robin loved to sing. […]

Leading with intention: Individuals

What do your colleagues and employees mean to you? I’m not just talking about the money they make for your company, but the value they bring with all the different perspectives they have.   Oftentimes, especially in larger organizations, headcount becomes simply a matter of output and outcome. But we miss many of the things that make […]

Leading with Intention: Impact

Since day one at SailPoint, we have been steadfast in our belief that our team’s success would be measured not by how much activity each person generated, but by the impact of that activity on the company’s success.    But as COVID-19 and racial tension put important issues into focus in new ways, the word impact holds a renewed meaning and sense […]

Leading with Intention: Integrity

They say actions speak louder than words, and while I believe that to my core, I also hold another belief. Words have the power to inspire action. You can’t have one without the other.   I firmly believe SailPoint’s success wraps into four words. These core values, also known as the “4 […]

Rethinking Work in Identity

The world around us continues to rapidly change with the impact of COVID-19 and the sharpened focus on equality for all.  At SailPoint, we view our evolving landscape as a nearly once in a lifetime opportunity to make a significant shift in how we continue to build and grow our […]

Three Questions with Senior Manager of IT Financial Systems, Avion Rhoden

As a child growing up in the Caribbean, Avion Rhoden had dreams of becoming a corporate leader in the United States. Following high school, she set off to do just that. With her mind set on earning her MBA and launching a career in IT, and her faith keeping her […]

Keep Moving Forward

There are many folks who would like to think that the ‘dust has settled’ on the recently heightened awareness and focus on diversity, inclusion and equality.  While the headlines may have faded, there is still much progress to be made.  And the reality is that it won’t happen overnight.  SailPoint […]

Three Questions with Senior Test Engineer, Kelly Wrinkle

Kelly Wrinkle has always had an interest in technology. While studying interactive design and game development in college, she discovered that her attention to detail and curiosity would make her a perfect fit for a career in testing. Test engineers are required to fully test a product or system to […]

Three Questions with Alison (Ali) Haughton, Healthcare Marketing Manager at SailPoint

The best results often come from an unlikely place — failure. As a healthcare industry veteran, Ali Haughton has seen her fair share of success in large part because of her ability to adapt and sidestep any hurdles headed her way. Ali’s path to healthcare, to IT, and SailPoint was […]