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Life at SailPoint

Giving back SailPoint style: how our team got creative with philanthropy in 2022

One of the things I admire most about our crew is the dedication I see in team members across the business—dedication to helping our customers, supporting each other, and giving back to our communities. 2022 saw a massive outpouring of community giving from our team. Every. Single. Day. Thanks to […]

5 Resources to Develop Your Identity Security Knowledge and Network

Authored by Meredith Blanchar, Chief Customer Officer, and Denise Denson-Hanson, AVP, Community and Education  There’s never been a better time to be an identity security professional! We heard again from many of our customers and partners at Navigate 2022 about the importance of developing and expanding the identity security talent […]

The Next Chapter 

Change. That one small word tends to elicit big reactions. Some say, “Change is good.” Others think change is scary. There’s no limit to the feelings and connotations associated with it. In the context of SailPoint’s next chapter, as we return to the private markets with the official closing of […]

Welcome to the Core of Identity Security

Technology and identities are inseparable today. This inseparable connection lies at the heart of today’s modern enterprise. It drives digital transformation. It fuels business innovation. It enables the business to stay competitive. These connections are crucial to the success of the business and transformation efforts. They also represent a tremendous […]

Women in Identity Security: Adeline Chew

From video game consoles to education platforms, Adeline Chew, Engineering Manager, has had an eventful journey to identity security. In this Women in Identity blog, Adeline details her path to cybersecurity and shares how becoming a manager has been the most significant learning moment for her. How did you come […]

Top 3 Takeaways as an Enterprise ISR 

Authored by Ashley Gogna Quote by Adam Grant Identity and Core Values  I’m someone who thrives on change – I know you’re judging me but hear me out on this.  My career path consists of a diverse background in sales and leadership across industries – and although I was in […]

Women in Identity Security: Vicki Sainz

From physical therapy to bookkeeping to AI, Vicki Sainz, Staff QA Engineer, has had an eventful journey to identity security. In this blog, Vicki details her path to AI and shares how SailPoint’s culture has provided her with the tools for success. How did you come to your identity security […]

SailPoint Spotlight: Women in Cybersecurity

Authored by Stacy Lange March is Women’s History Month and a time to focus on all of the fantastic accomplishments women have made in the world. Cybersecurity has become a critical backbone for any organization, big or small. We must realize the essential role diversity plays in the cybersecurity workforce […]

Hot Jobs: SailPoint Professional Services

Over the past two years, people all over the world adjusted their priorities, needs, and values regarding work and the workplace, and droves of workers left their employers to better align personal and professional goals. Two years later, job seekers are flooding back to a market full of opportunities to […]

Women in Identity Security: Michelle Rascati

From physics and astronomy to AI and machine learning, Michelle Rascati, Senior Software Engineer, has had an eventful path to identity security. In this Women in Identity Security blog installment, Michelle details her way to AI and ML and how SailPoint’s culture has provided her with the tools she needs […]