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Hot Jobs: SailPoint Engineering

Authored by Jim Moore

It’s no secret that the market for software engineers, engineering managers, and product managers is crazy right now. We’re all getting bombarded by multiple inbound recruiter messages every week. So why do I continue to stay at SailPoint? That’s a pretty easy question to answer: I’ve been building SaaS products since before the term “SaaS” existed (we called them “web applications” and the companies that built and operated them “ASPs” or “application services providers”), and this is far and away the best environment I’ve ever worked in. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this is an exciting time to be here! The market opportunity in front of us is enormous: we’re the industry leaders in a rapidly growing space, and the pandemic-induced migration to remote work has only accelerated the need for Identity Security. 

A big part of the reason SailPoint is so great is the people. We do a fantastic job of hiring super-bright, passionate teammates with little tolerance for the “brilliant jerks” that are all too common in software. But more importantly, once someone joins SailPoint, we empower them by providing the autonomy (and corresponding accountability) to have a real impact. It is this culture of autonomy and accountability that really keeps me here. I’ve personally been given a tremendous amount of trust to define the way we build and deliver software and I extend that trust to the rest of my team. 

So, that’s what keeps me here, but why should you want to join? Because you too can have a huge impact here. SailPoint engineering is currently in that Goldilocks zone where high-quality professional engineering meets individual impact. We’re not so small and immature that we’re relying on manpower and heroics to deliver software (we don’t rely on “crunch time”). Our products are built on a mature, cloud-native event-driven microservices architecture hosted in AWS. We have a mature CI/CD pipeline that delivers 100+ updates to production per week and robust observability that instills confidence in the customer that our products and services are healthy. But we’re not so large that any individual engineer is just another cog in the machine. We’re a remote-friendly team with a strong focus on career development and promotion. We are organized around small teams that are wholly responsible for one or more services, including architecture, development, quality, reliability, monitoring, and operations. Engineers and teams are empowered to choose the right technologies for the problem at hand, and we lean in on new cloud services and offerings from AWS. As you grow in seniority and tenure, your scope will obviously increase, but even our early-career engineers are given significant responsibility for the service(s) they work on. 

But don’t just take my word for it. Head over to our engineering blog to get a sense of the types of things we’re working on from the engineers that built them and take a few minutes to hear directly from the people you’ll be working with.

If you’re interested in learning more or joining the SailPoint crew, check out our list of roles for which we’re actively recruiting.