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Women in Identity Security: Mariah Finleon, Inside Sales Director

Outside of our comfort zone is a place that most of us don’t like to be. That isn’t the case for SailPoint’s Mariah Finleon, Director of Inside Sales. In this Women in Identity blog, we sit down with Mariah and learn about her journey to identity security and who helped her get here. 

Tell us a little about yourself and your career journey.  

My career journey began in the restaurant industry. I started as a hostess, then waited tables and bartended, and eventually managed.  From there, I entered the insurance field, where I got my life and health insurance license and sold policies for 2 years before moving over to the tech industry My first inside sales role was with VMware, and it took about 9 years before finally landing my ideal sales role within the company.  I joined VMware as an ISR and worked my way up to lead SLED East for a few years, then a specialist team, and most recently managed the AMER Global and Telco team for the inside. Now, I’m the director of inside sales at SailPoint – a career goal I set for myself years ago. My path is unconventional compared to some, but I appreciate the unique route I took as it has given me so many perspectives to utilize as I look at any team or business.  

What do you think your career will look like in 10 years? Do you expect to see more women leaders in the field? 

I want to continue to challenge myself, grow, and develop in my career. In the next 10 years, I hope to be running an inside organization in a senior vice president capacity that scales worldwide. I expect to see more and more female leaders in the field as the world continues to shift its focus on our development and the value we bring.  

Who are some of the women that have impacted you in your career? Why? 

First and foremost, Victoria Abeling had a huge impact on my career. She hired me into my first leadership role at VMware and constantly challenged me to grow and expand. Another female leader I have always been motivated by is Nicole Collins. Nicole influenced me to get out of my comfort zone and reminded me that if you are comfortable in your role, it’s probably time to take on the next challenge. Being comfortable should make you realize you have hit your ceiling.  

Who do you follow on social media or what groups are you part of that positively influence your career as a Woman in Identity? 

I follow Leadership First on LinkedIn, and I am constantly finding new stories, blogs, and quotes that keep me inspired to be the best leader for my team.